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actif  Sujet n° 942  PC 1360 Spare Parts

le 24/03/2004 @ 17:25
par Squire_Root


Hello Aldweb! My name is Paul, im an electronic engineering student from scotland. I had a PC-1360 but the screen broke I have been searching the internet for a replacment LCD for my pc 1360 but i have had no luck. Could anyone here perhaps help?
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Réponse n° 1
le 25/03/2004 @ 23:06
par aldweb


Hi Paul,

First of all, I am very happy because today I know there is another PC-1360 user in the world. We are not that many!

What a pity that you broke the LCD.
Is it only the piece of glass on top of the LCD or also the pixels that are broken?

If it is only the cover glass, my advice will be to find a replacement by any glass shop! But you would have found this answer by yourself...

So, I assume that you are in a worst case. Then you will need to do a little bit of soldering... but I guess that you will succeed given what you are studying

So, you need a spare PC-1360.
I do have one extra spare PC-1360, the LCD is fine but, unfortunately, the glass cover is a little bit scratched, not broken though. So, I would not want to propose it to you.
Then, did you give a look on eBay?


Ma liberté s'arrête là où commence celle de mon voisin
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Réponse n° 2
le 14/04/2004 @ 16:01
par Squire_root


Finding a 1360 user is as hard as finding hens teeth in cows pockets! Which is strange as it is an incredable piece of kit, essentially a fully programmable graphics calculator and i love it.
It is the actual LCD that has cracked and needs replacing. I Have been trawling E-Bay for the last couple of weeks i only occassionaly find a 1360/50 for sale but they are usually WAY over priced. You mentioned that you had a spare 1360 is there any kind of trade agreement we could come to? (i assume the actual LCD unit is intact) i have a spare pc 1500 (with printer, pens and memory card no less!)to barter with...

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