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Gestion de Projet - Gestion de Projet

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active  Topic # 48  Projet sauvegardé vide

22/01/2003 @ 10:46
by Steph


J'ai essayé plusieurs fois, mais j'obtiens toujours le même résultat: après avoir sauvegardé un projet contenant plusieurs actions, lorsque je veux le rouvrir, il est vide! Aurais-je oublié quelque truc? Y aurait-il un bug non avoué? Merci d'avance à ceux qui ont l'expérience de ce programme de me contacter afin d'élucider ce mystère.
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Answer n° 1
22/01/2003 @ 10:56
by aldweb


Ton problème est très surprenant et un tel bug, s'il avait existé, aurait été corrigé au plus vite... et Gestion de Projet existe dans sa version actuelle depuis 1999 avec des centaines d'utilisateurs!

Pourrais-tu m'envoyer un fichier sauvegardé pour que j'essaye de comprendre ce qui peut se passer (+ une copie d'écran avant sauvegarde de la fenêtre principale de Gestion de Projet pour connaître le contenu).

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Answer n° 2
25/02/2003 @ 21:46
by Cees Boogaart



I noticed a line with 12 languages !
Is this something for MiniPortail?
It needs only a small line above
the home etc. choices.
One line can take up to 24 languages or so.
For my own MiniPortail on
I have changed the standard french
notices (not in to the Dutch
If all this notices could be in a .inc or .txt they still could be changed but it
would be lesser work.
Especially if you use 2 languages that aren't french or english.
Users that use different languages then
French/English can send the translated
notices to aldweb for inclusion.
Good idea or not ?

Somewhat philisophical now:
Most people use for language-picking
flags. The flag of France for french and
the flag of U.K. for english.
But there are more people then in France
alone who speak French, Quebec, french
(former) colonies and terrorties.
English is also spoken in USA.
For that I mostly use a UK/USA flag
(half/half). Spanish is another language
that is spoken not only in Spain.
Most of South America speaks it.
Perhaps the flags should have the
international language symbol on it
in contrasting color
EN(glish)-FR(ancais)-ES(pagnol), for
english, french and spanish.
(language symbols are always (I think)
in the respective language).

Another problem which occurs with rare
and exotic languages.
Most people know the british and USA
flag but how about Tuvalees ?
Yes, that's the small island that has
the TLD (topleveldomain) of .TV.
Should there also be the languagesymbol
be on top, or just the .TLD in the alt-text ?

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Answer n° 3
26/02/2003 @ 16:06
by aldweb


Oops, Cees, it seems that you have posted this message in the wrong area of the aldweb's forum.

It is very interesting indeed, so I copy and paste it right now + an answer from me in the miniPortail area of this forum.

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