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active  Topic # 10  PC-1403

05/09/2002 @ 21:09
by Peti


Hallo everyone,
I need help for using the 1403. I try to make a program what is able to use the matrix-routines of the CAL-mode as subroutines in a BASIC-program. Does anyone have some idea?
Thanks for reading
Could You please answer to my e-mail?
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Answer n° 1
06/09/2002 @ 17:33
by aldweb


And, of course, please answer ALSO on the forum so that everybody benefits for the answer.

And, sorry Peti, I do not have a PC-1403, so it will be difficult for me to answer. I only have an old manual for the PC-1403 so I will try to look for some answer in it.

See you,
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Answer n° 2
09/09/2002 @ 08:23
by Pierre


Hi Peti,
Very difficult question indeed...
According to my last informations (1988 ;-), matrix messages are in ROM Bank 4 between 25255 and 25354. Matrix routines seem to be after 25354, in machine language. I say "seem" because no one has been so far...
So if you decode what is after 25354 you should use the matrix routines in a basic program with the appropriate call.
To read inside the bank 4 you have to select it. Sorry I don't know how to do it, and I will be very pleased if someone could be glad to explain me how the Sharp banking system works...
All the Best
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Answer n° 3
30/09/2002 @ 11:26
by Edgar



If you write to address &3C00, the ROM
bank will be swiched. 0 is bank 0, 1 is
bank 1 and so on. Note, that

POKE &3C00, 3

will NOT work, because the BASIC interpreter
switches the ROM bank back between the POKE
and the CALL instruction (it could not run
otherwise). This can only be done by an
machine language program (Don't forget to
switch it back after you have done what
you wanted to do).

The ROM bank is lokated between 16384 (&4000) and 32767 (&7FFF) in memory. I
don't know what "ROM Bank 4 between 25255 and 25354" means, but I have also seen this
in an old manual.

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Answer n° 4
30/09/2002 @ 23:15
by aldweb


Let's precise Edgar's good answer (by the way, Edgar welcome in this forum!) by providing the adequate LM program for ROM bank switching:

LIA n # where n is the bank number
LIDP &3C00 # &3C00 is for PC-1403
# &3400 is for PC-1360
CALL X # ROM routine call
# with X=256*XH+XL
LIA &0
LIDP &3C00

Copy this code and paste it in PockASM to get a Basic code that you will just need to upload on your PC-1403.

Now, Pierre, if you do not want to call a ROM routine but want to read the ROMs data (for dumping purposes) please refer to my TOOLBOX Basic program to be found on this web site somewhere. By reading the source code, you will easily understand what it does and how to convert it to work with the PC-1403 (it was written for the PC-1360).
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