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active  Topic # 9  Time Machine

03/09/2002 @ 09:32
by Pierre


I would like to build a Time Machine from my pc-1403. First I have to add a Real Time Clock to the Pocket. Simon the extrem upgrader in Germany has already done this, but with a chip I cannot find in France.
Do some of you have experienced this upgrade ?
If yes with what component ?
How does it works and interface with the pocket?
All the best
Doc Brown
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Answer n° 1
03/09/2002 @ 22:51
by aldweb



Idea #1:
Did you look on ?

Idea #2:
You could ask to Simon where he bought the needed pieces of electronics in Germany. As far as I remember, it was on some German online store, so you could buy them there too and have them sent to you in France.

Idea #3:
I personally asked Simon to do this precise work for me. So, I sent him my PC-1360 in Germany, he then installed this clock chip and sent back the PC-1360 back to me. This is a little bit more expensive (shipment costs at your charge of course!) but as I am not a good electronician, it was a safer way for me to proceed :-)

Finally, let me just tell you that this hardware extension is an EXCELLENT ONE... and we have to thank Simon for his so good work ;-)
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Answer n° 2
09/09/2002 @ 16:54
by Pierre


Hi Ald,
I have already wrote to simon but till now no response.
Some questions :
Does the driver use a lot of ram ?
Do you have new basic words, or somme peek and call to use the clock.
I see Simon solder the clock on the 11 pin interface. Is there interferences with the tape or the printer ?
Thank you
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Answer n° 3
11/09/2002 @ 10:22
by aldweb



Let's hope that Simon will answer to you soon, because I haven't used it for a long time (my PC-1360 is suffering from a long sleeping period of time!)... and reading back the information on Simon's site, I have to admit that it is not very much explained.

But I remember that the driver uses very little RAM. I do not remember how many bytes exactly, but I have put it on a 2KB extension RAM that was soldered directly on the main board of my PC-1360 (by Simon) and there is some free space on it.

You do not get new Basic words, this is unfortunately not possible. Sébastien would very probably tell us that if it was a PC-E500 it might be possible, but with the older Pocket Computers this is not the case...
But you get the time information thanks to CALL and PEEK uses.

Simon soldered on the 11 pins interface because the is very smart and he chose some pins that are not used. So, there is no interference with the tape device or the printer.
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