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actif  Sujet n° 176  overclocking without soldering ?

le 04/04/2003 @ 09:58
par LostSoul


Something strange happened yesterday.
A Sharp pc-1261 arrived yesterday, looked good all working. when i tried a normal beep1 command it sounded faster then normal (beep 5 much faster than normal).
so i thought the clock-chip was replaced by another with around 1MHz. opened it and...nope the old 750kHz was still in.
then i was a fool... i resetted the computer without having a look at the memory before so i couldnt look at the ML-routines which must have been stored.
Any Idea how this worked? does the computer have been really faster or was only the beep routine edited, so a faster beep sounds. while i'm writing this i think the second one is the point, but perhaps anyone has another idea.

regards LostSoul
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Réponse n° 1
le 04/04/2003 @ 23:11
par aldweb


Hi LostSoul,

If you did a standard Basic "Beep 1" order, then this order was interpreted by the standard built-in ROM and could not be, in any way, routed to a personalized ML routine.

Indeed, these Sharp devices did not run with interrupts (the SC61860 processor does not manage interrupts) like a standard PC for example.

The only way this would have been possible would have been if someone had rewritten in ML a full OS for this PC-1261... and if this was the case you have lost a tremendous work when hard resetting your device

So, for me, this is a mistery

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Réponse n° 2
le 21/04/2003 @ 14:07
par Pierre


Hi Lostsoul
Aldweb is true. You could not change the fastness of beep 1 with machine language. So the speedness of the beep should not have change after the reset. Nevertheless may be there was something wrong in the computer before you do the reset, so the reset was necessary to put your Sharp in perfect working order.
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