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active  Topic # 1678  Upgrades and How to purchase

06/07/2014 @ 18:36
by cr0sh



Mr. Duveau, I sent you an email regarding this, but to restate, I am a registered owner of iziBasic; I purchased the software (v6.0) thru PalmGear back in 2009 - at some point I also got upgraded to v6.1.

That said, I was looking thru your website, and noticed something called "ViziBasic" - I thought I might like to try that in the future - but all of the sites for purchasing no longer work!

This includes iziBasic as well (for anyone wanting to purchase it).

So how do you purchase these (and any others, I presume?) titles? Also - how can I get my upgrade to iziBasic v7.0?

If you need a copy of my receipt from PalmGear, I can send a pdf of that...

Thank you! l
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Answer n° 1
14/07/2015 @ 10:57
by aldweb



Sorry for the very late answer... your post is one year old!
Would you still be interested in trying ViziBasic?

Best regards,
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