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actif  Sujet n° 1672  IziBasic or LaFac

le 28/01/2011 @ 17:38
par tomalex



I am trying to open and edit a Palm OS program and need to know if IziBasic or LaFac can do the job. I would like to be able to edit on my PC instead of my smart phone. I am not a programmer and am not sure what kind of learning curve I'm up against here. I would like to edit a program for my personal use only. Maybe someone can educate me on the possibilities and if the free LaFac is up to the job or do I need to invest in IziBasic, if in fact either is up to the task. Thanks in advance.
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Réponse n° 1
le 01/02/2011 @ 23:16
par aldweb


Hello Tom.

1st understanding of your request = you want to modify some part of an executable program in your device. Then, as Palm PRC files (executables) are made of resources, you have to know how to edit resources. Overall, this is quite a sophisticated programming task, that:
1. Cannot be done in LaFac.
2. Can eventually be monitored by iziBasic when launching some dedicated so-called "PP applets" (which require to learn how to code quite low-level with the Palm Pascal compiler - equivalent to C - itself calling Palm OS APIs). There is a sample PP applet and iziBasic calling application to learn how to go ahead in the package (to be found on iziBasic's main page on this site).

2nd understanding of your request = you want to write and edit some source code (coded in Basic) and then be able to execute the given instructions directly on your device. Then:
1. LaFac will do the job up to a certain extent.
2. iziBasic will do the job to almost any extent.

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