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Forum - Forum

actif  Sujet n° 13  Demoralised (PC-E500)

le 18/09/2002 @ 14:23
par Pierre


I thought to have some knowledge about sharp pocket computers.
Then I read the last posts about the PC-E500...
I feel myself now very low. The question and answer about "what model you have" is the only thing I succeeded to undestand...
I already know that the PC-E500 is a bit different than other sharp (ESR-H) models, but since I read the posts, when I open it, I see it like a strange creature from outer space...
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Réponse n° 11
le 19/11/2002 @ 21:39
par Jürgen


Some years ago, I have been working on some projects for Sharp, for the "PC-E..."-family of pocket-computers.

For the PC-E500(S)/550(S), I have a book which is called "Technical Reference Manual - PC-E500". Issue 1990.3. I got it from the Information Systems Group / Personal Equipment Division of Sharp Co., Yamatokoriyama.

Another book i have is the "ESR-L Instruction Manual". It is intended for the "OZ-7000"- and "I6-7000"-Series of PC-E500.

Do you have this books or don't you know about yet?

Best regards from Germany!
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Réponse n° 12
le 22/11/2002 @ 08:05
par Saso Tomat


Juergen: Thank you very much. I must tell to everyone that I have these two books Juergen is talking about. I got them from him. He is a very nice person. As time permits I will go through them.
As mentioned in one of my previous posts above I started writing a search program for PC-E500. I decided to use a BASIC approach but I have some problems. Currently I don't have much time. When I get any further and if there is a problem I will post a question here.



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Réponse n° 13
le 15/12/2002 @ 00:25
par Mike


Hi all.
I just got a Sharp PC-1401 and I like it a lot. Basic was never that much fun as when you code on a device you can hold in your palm :) I also have a TI-85 and have tried to program it when i was bored, but it was way too cumbersome to find the commands in the catalog or type them letter by letter. However, I can see now just how advanced these graphing calcs are compared to the oldies like my Sharp. I'd like to learn how to use the PC-1401 to its full potential, but along with the computer (which btw I got for free from one of my teachers who had long since abandoned it and now has a Casio :) ) I didn't get a manual. So,if any of you know of any manual online, please let me know.
ty much
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Réponse n° 14
le 16/12/2002 @ 16:03
par Madis K.


I don't know much about your programming skills in graphics, but just in case I'll give you some hints, you might need it:
1)Always use HEX where possible, even drawing lines!!!
2)To do complex graphics, leave out the variable in the end of FOR:NEXTs nesting!!!
3)DO NOT use IFs, you can write IF X>10 THEN X=X-1 like this: X=X+(X>10)
4)Don't use LINE()-(),BF command to draw boxes, always use HEX
If you combine these, then your gains are at least 50%+
Good programming,
Madis from Estonia
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Réponse n° 15
le 16/12/2002 @ 16:13
par Madis K.


...adnd yet one thing:
If, for any reason, you haven't got a time measurement on your PC-E500 then turn to addresses &BFC6A-&BFC6C by applying:
This isn't very accurate because of the 32768Hz
counter so what you do is A=A*60/58
It gets very slow that way. This is what you
should do:
You decide which is better(last one is slower, but easier to understand)
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Réponse n° 16
le 22/12/2002 @ 16:31
par Madis K.


Hey, I want to hear your opinion. :)
Until now it's like I'm the only one speaking here :(
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