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active  Topic # 1033  Program Icon question (and thanks)

05/01/2005 @ 17:21
by Mike Featherstone


Congratulations on v4.0! You've been burning the midnight oil I think. The MegaString is good as now I can pack 512b into my T5 512b memory sectors (if I needed to....which I don't yet). Also, I like the idea of Menu's but I guess I'll have to look at BIRD for those.

Also, thanks for the work on PIAF. I adopted that editor once iziBasic started halting compilation in the middle of my memos (on a T5 - must be the big memo files. I now understand). An integrated editing/compilation suite is most useful.

Looks like my review needs a serious update...

Regarding program icons:

Is there a way to link in a program icon from an external file at compilation, or must I edit the icon in the target application?

My problem with such editing is that the icon will then be lost next time I re-compile. (I tinker with my code to a great degree!)
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Answer n° 11
07/01/2005 @ 13:11
by Mike


You've said that the small icon must be 9x9 but I note that iziBasic itself uses a 15x9 icon which, in turn, will allow the high res icon to be 30x18 in size.

I've tried this and it works very well.
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Answer n° 12
07/01/2005 @ 16:01
by aldweb


I checked the icons for some default applications in Palm OS 4.1.
Here are my findings:

Address: 31x21 and 9x9
Calc: 22x22 and 9x9
HotSync: 24x22 and 10x9
Mail: 21x21 and 13x9
MemoPad: 21x21 and 11x10
Prefs: 23x21 and 12x11

So, it appears that there is no clear standard. There must be a upper limit not to overpass so that the icons appear correctly in the main launchers or lists.

My own uses are indeed 32x22 and 15x9...


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