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Vous répondez à BOBELE qui a écrit :

Again thanks for your answer. As I like iziBasic very much, I would like to give whatever you say a try first before asking for an exchange.

I will try hardresetting it when I´m home again, probably tomorrow evening, following you test-scenario and reporting back.

For now I can answer to some of your questions, perhaps this gives you another clue:

First let me tell you some more details about the Memorystick-Corruption-Problem. When iziBasic crashed and I had to reboote the machine, it was OK after that most of the time but once. What I was able to see is, even if iziBasic did NOT crash, after exiting the application the Memorystick behaved strange. When clicking the Icon in the taskbar it dows not show it´s name anymore and appeared to be empty. Icons of Applications in the Launcher-Directory of the Stick are no longer shown on the Clie. I had to reset the machine to get access to it again. I´m not completely sure, but I think I can remember that the dataloss occured when I did not reset the machine but just took out the MS to try if reinserting it would also solve the problem.

For your questions:

1. Both versions, demo and full, were v5.2
2. I did just one compile with the full version, but it worked ok. At first, iziBasic just seemed to crash when exiting. That is, as long as it was installed on the Memorystick. I did about 15 Tests, of which ca. 5 resulted in iziBasic being closed correctly but the MS being not accessible anymore (as described above) and about 10 times crashing the machine. After I installed it in the machines memory I found a new behavior: The crash occured instantly when starting iziBasic, at least once. The second try got it started an crashing the machine on exit.
3. I did not try running an application compiled with the full version yet. I will try the next time. Applications compiled with the demo worked of course.
4. Problems seem to be completely unrelated to compiling. Its opening and closing iziBasic.
5. There are no Hacks or anything special installed on my machine. The only things installed are some Sony-Patches for the NZ90, the NetFront Browser and PicselViewer that came on the machines CD and Documents to Go 6, which I purchased later. Thats it for the Clie. There is Filez and Bejeweled on the Stick, but this should not interfere with iziBasic, especially as the Problems occured even when the stick is taken out. (btw. I´m not sure if this is of any improtance, but all Tests with iziBasic installed on internal Memory were done with no Stick inserted.)

If it would be of any help, I could email the Backup MS-Backup created just before I installed iziBasic to you. Should be not to big when zipped.


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