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En avant première

v7.0 (??/??/09 - un jour ou l'autre)
- Bug fix: exponentiation (^) and the POWER() function would return wrong results with negative numbers. For instance, (-5)^3 and POWER(-5,3) returned 4 instead of -125.
- Bug fix: starting a variable assignment by the negation of a variable results in a compilation error, for example in the following syntax: A=-C
- Bug fix: a Number Stack Overflow occured when reaching the last value in this stack.
- Bug fix: if there was only one choice in a LISTCHOICE statement, the iziBasic runtime would show a [YES]/[NO] selection window instead of no selection window at all.
- Bug fix: initial selected numerical index value in the LISTCHOICE and POPUPCHOICE statements when the selection list was pointing on the A$() array.
- The compiler now detects when a THEN is forgotten in a IF statement.
- GPRINT now manages Black & White screen (for those of you who are still targeting “antic” devices!)
- SAVEPREF now deletes the unused preference when the passed argument is an empty string. Since LOADSTRING will return the same empty string upon loading an existing empty preference or a non existing preference, this way of doing saves room in the Saved Preferences database.
- iziBasic now memorizes the parameters passed in the FINDFIRST$() function, so they are not needed anymore in the FINDNEXT$() function which was revised to the simple FINDNEXT$ format.
- Added InfraRed and Serial communications management with new statements: OPEN IR and OPEN COM. Files statements (CLOSE #, PRINT # and INPUT #) were upgraded to work with InfraRed and Serial communications.
- Added statements to manage Network communications with a new statement: OPEN NET. Related MegaString files statements (CLOSE #, PRINT$$ # and INPUT$$ #) were upgraded to work with Network communication.
- Added a new HTTPGET$$ statement, to deal with reading HTTP web pages.
- Added the ADDSTRING$$ statement to easily concatenate strings in the MegaString.
- Added a new RUN$$ statement to pass structured data to the called program, when the RUN statement would only allow passing a standard ended CHR$(0) string.
- Added Palm's 5 Way Navigation detection, new events values are returned by the DOEVENTS and WAITEVENT statements.
- Added management of scroll / caret position in fields thanks to 2 new statements: FIELDSCROLL and FIELDPOS.
- Added a new LABEL$() function to retrieve an object's label.
- Added Palm's 320x480 screen mode detection and management. The DOEVENTS and WAITEVENT statements return a new event value upon screen mode change, and the SETRES statement and HIGHRES() function were extended to manage this new screen mode.
- Corrected a bad s|t parameter explanation to the right one being c|t in the user manual for PUTCHAR$$ and PUTSTRING$$.
- Updated the NekoCat sample application so as to be able to move the cat's food using Palm's 5 Way Nav and to benefit from the 320x480 screen mode.
- Updated the iBPlot sample application to benefit from the 320x480 screen mode.
- Added 2 new sample applications: iBIrHello (showing how to exchange data between two devices by InfraRed) and iBHttpGet (showing how to retrieve a web page).

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  • <right></right> enables right align.
  • <link></link> enables link inserting.
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  • Key ALT + arrow (towards bottom or top) enables folding out of the selected menu
  • Key ALT + arrow (towards bottom or top) enables the folding up of a spread out menu
  • Key arrow (towards bottom or top) enables the browsing through a spread out menu
  • Key ALT + s enables form sending

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