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Internet : the best

The charming Christine of the PDACool site, well-known from French Palm amators, published a great article and a very well written one as she always does about my activities here:
aldweb : au-delà des limites du désert ( written in French but you might get an idea of it with some online translator )

Internet : the worst

Since yesterday evening, someone who chose to be on the dark side of life (I feel so sorry for him!) uses my e-mail address to keep sending all the time and all over the world e-mails with a virus inside as a Christmas gift.

I am therefore in no way responsible if you received such an e-mail!

This identity usurpation brings me back in return thousands of error messages from the e-mail servers for the non existing recipient e-mail addresses.
I am of course protected against these kinds of doings, but it could occur from time to time that I do not receive the e-mails you really wrote me... thank you to send them back to me after a few days of not receiving an answer from me.

The origin of the attack was immediately found. But, 24 hours later, I am still waiting for the internet provider, by which everything comes to me, to react: I then do a negative publicity to Tiscali to which I feel very bad tonight!

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