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sysinfo.gifUpdates as of March 21st, 2005 - by aldweb 21/03/2005 @ 21:56

  • New upgrade of the SysInfo shareware with the following updates:
    - added a sophisticated options window in which many new options can be set
    - added a new option in the Palm OS utility which allows forcing the HotSync backup bit for all databases and applications which would otherwise be definitely lost in case of hard reset!
    - added application high resolution icons (contribution from Mike Featherstone)
    - this software exists since 2001, I finally took the time to write a user manual!

speedy.gifUpdates as of March 14th, 2005 - by aldweb 14/03/2005 @ 22:04

  • Speedy was upgraded tonight, adding benchmark values for Fossil Wrist PDA (yes, Olivier ), Sony Clié N760C, Palm VII (1st generation, simple DragonBall processor) and AlphaSmart Dana Wireless, and partial benchmark information for IBM Workpad (10u), IBM Workpad (20X), IBM Workpad (40U), IBM Workpad 2 (22X), IBM Workpad 2 (30X), IBM Workpad c3, IBM Workpad c500 and IBM Workpad c505.
  • After a year and half or so, Speedy consolidates month after month its ranking at TrackerDog's Top 100 Popular Palm Softwares: Speedy is now ranked 33rd out of more than 24,000 Palm applications
  • And I also know that a user from India had his T3 replaced, under guarantee, because Speedy reported that it had slown down to 140 MHz for an unknown reason. So, Speedy's diagnosis is recognized by PalmOne...

hidenseek.gifUpdates as of March 13th, 2005 - by aldweb 13/03/2005 @ 21:40

  • Release of version 5.0 of iziBasic, which is a major update release.
  • As a result of the previous point, the iBClock, Matches, NekoCat and Numerus freeware, all compiled with iziBasic, benefit from a small upgrade.
  • Today, I was happily surprised to discover that iziBasic is very officially referenced on the PalmSource web site here: iziBasic at PalmSource
  • My benchmark study of the development tools for Palm was updated, with the arrival Quartus Forth (Thank you Marc) and the refresh of iziBasic which, in its brand new version 5.0, runs the Bench2 routine much faster (about 30%).
  • My aldweb Site has been live since 6 years now! I have leaded many hobby projects during these 6 full years, from my PC freeware to my Palm software, either in freeware or in shareware, going through the open source GuppY web portal project (of course, it runs this web site), which became a team work with a dedicated web site, without forgeting my historical hobby for the pocket computers of the 1980's. I invite you to give a look to the updated aldweb site Statistics page.
  • Leonard added a new Dice'em game on his Leonard's web site. No need to say that this game is again a great realization, one that will decrease one more time the free remaining RAM in my device (hopefully, I have 64 MB!).

  • Given the importance it now takes, I have organized a new area dedicated to VIII. iziBasic in the Projects box. As of today, this area is made of 4 parts:
    1. iziBasic - Description & Download
    2. iziBasic - Updates Description
    3. iziBasic - web sites
    4. iziBasic - help forum
  • Apdi2003 updated the French user manuel of iziBasic to its latest version
  • Apdi2003 ( and Leonard ( are very creative as the image attached to this news shows it. A visit to their respective web sites is highly recommended!

  • Release of version 4.2 of iziBasic, with the correction of a few bugs and the addition of a few new features.
  • As a result of the previous point, NekoCat (cute little chat which goes through a series of activities on the screen) benefits from a small upgrade.
  • Apdi2003 upgraded again the French version of the iziBasic user manual. He also updated his brand new web site,, with an upgrade for his fLoto software and a brand new apAdress application, both made with iziBasic of course!

  • 10 days after the release of version 4.0 of iziBasic, here comes version 4.1 which fixes a few bugs and adds a few "goodies" that were prepared by Mike (thank you Mike).
  • The second developer to join the new free web space I opened for iziBasic developers is Leonard with a beaufiful game, to be played by everybody, no age limit
    To be discovered here:

  • Apdi2003 was one more time so nice to translate the iziBasic version 4 user manual to French.
  • Mike, from Palm247, prepared a very well written tutorial to learn how to create and include beautiful icons to an iziBasic project. It will be included in the official documentation of version 4.1 (to be released pretty soon...), but you may already download it.
  • Apdi2003 (yes, him again!), opens the brand new web space that I offer for free to the authors of applications made with iziBasic and who do not own a web space themselves.
    The address of his great new site is here:

Internet : the best

The charming Christine of the PDACool site, well-known from French Palm amators, published a great article and a very well written one as she always does about my activities here:
aldweb : au-delà des limites du désert ( written in French but you might get an idea of it with some online translator )

Internet : the worst

Since yesterday evening, someone who chose to be on the dark side of life (I feel so sorry for him!) uses my e-mail address to keep sending all the time and all over the world e-mails with a virus inside as a Christmas gift.

I am therefore in no way responsible if you received such an e-mail!

This identity usurpation brings me back in return thousands of error messages from the e-mail servers for the non existing recipient e-mail addresses.
I am of course protected against these kinds of doings, but it could occur from time to time that I do not receive the e-mails you really wrote me... thank you to send them back to me after a few days of not receiving an answer from me.

The origin of the attack was immediately found. But, 24 hours later, I am still waiting for the internet provider, by which everything comes to me, to react: I then do a negative publicity to Tiscali to which I feel very bad tonight!

tc_crashed.jpgLet us remain humble! - by aldweb 05/01/2005 @ 22:30

One day, that was yesterday, I was very proud to put online the result of my hard work on iziBasic for Palm.

The next day, today, I was brought back to reality: my device could easily break!

Life is beautiful.

If you wish, you may donate me a few dollars or euros to help me buy a new Palm device and help me getting back to working on this platform...

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