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  • Release of Speedy version 6.2, the reference benchmark tool for Palm devices. Were added the benchmark values for the Palm Treo 700p and the Aceeca Meazura.
  • I also updated the Devices Benchmark page which lists all Speedy results for a huge number of the Palm devices.
  • A few weeks ago, I added the Geolocation box (on the top right part of this page), which shows that you come to visit my web site from about everywhere in the world
  • I also added a new GuppY Top box (on the bottom left side of this page) and you are kindly invited to vote for my web site by clicking on the image here under:
    Vote for aldweb at the GuppY Top
  • I take the liberty of advertising for my little brother who decided to make an inventory of the French war memorials of First World War (1914-1918): you just have to click on the image with the brave soldier being rescued by a charming lady in the Weather / Spam / www box.

ibrainfuck.gifUpdates as of May 25th, 2006 - by aldweb 25/05/2006 @ 22:56

After a very long period of time without any update, here are a few new things on the aldweb Site:
  • The 11th of February, 2006, my web site was just 7 years old. On the aldweb Stats page, you will discover how this little site "above the limits of the desert " grew year after year and how it is quite well known now.
  • Thanks to Garfield and Patrick, the huge iziBasic User Manual was adapted to different formats that can be used directly on board of a Palm device, which is a very convenient way to carry together the iziBasic compiler and its documentation.
  • The User Manuel of ViziBasic, iziBasic's RAD companion, was translated to German by W. Menzel that I warmly thank here for doing this great job.
  • Somehow titillated by my friend Khertan, I found myself writing a new interpreter for a fantastic esoteric programming language (it only has 8 instructions!), and this is how iBrainF*ck was born tonight.

chrono.jpgUpdates as of January 7th, 2006 - by aldweb 07/01/2006 @ 23:34

  • HPnéo created a new iziBasic application, for photographs, that he named nHypfocal, and that can be found on his web site:
  • At this time of the year when we start to think about what we will try to improve next year, let's make a quick glance in the past... and update of the statistics of my aldweb web site and of the one web site that descended from it, the now very renowned, web site of the GuppY web portal system in PHP and with no database

  • Apdi2003 one more time was a superman and he did this huge work of translating to French the user manual of the new version 6.0 of iziBasic.
  • And, since nothing seems to be able to stop this super hero from translating, Apdi2003 also translated to French the user manual of the new ViziBasic application.
  • For your information, my web hoster warned me that, due to some technical migration, my web site should be closed about 2 hours in the night between Tuesday, December 6th and Wednesday, December 7th (so tomorrow night, French time).
    Then, may I advice you, just for once, to take a rest from visiting the "Limits of the Desert"

  • Release of SysInfo version 4.3, which enhances one more time the version 4.x series of this system tool for Palm OS based PDAs.
    The main improvement of this version is that SysInfo now offers to monitor some options of your system in the background.

  • Released a new Palm application, that I named TCtools. TCtools is a set of 2 tools dedicated to the Palm Tungsten C device:
    1. A patch to realign the physical keyboard of the Tungsten C with the one managed by Palm OS.
      You may also choose to have Palm OS work with any of the QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard independantly from the real keyboard.
    2. A patch to attempt to repair your Wi-Fi setup by resetting the Wi-Fi settings when the Wi-Fi parametrization became corrupted.

  • Release of Speedy version 6.1, the benchmark reference tool for Palm devices. This version mainly fixes a bad bug from version 6.0, therefore upgrading is highly recommended.
  • Updated ViziBasic to version 1.1, I had forgotten to generate SCROLLBARs!

  • Release of iziBasic version 6.0, the Basic compiler which lets you develop applications directly in your Palm device.
    The list of all fixes and enhancements is huge, please jump to this page to discover them.
  • Release of a brand new add-on application to iziBasic, that I easily called ViziBasic and which is made to design applications' visual user interfaces.
  • For the fun of it, I also coded a Tiny Basic interpreter with iziBasic. And this is how we demonstrate that iziBasic is powerful enough to be the starting point of another development tool...
  • Updated the two iBClock and NekoCat free applications which are, of course, powered by iziBasic!

  • Release of Speedy version 6.0, the benchmark tool for Palm devices, with a huge work to refresh the source code and the reference values for the brand new Palm TX and Z22 (and, one more time, thank you Jérôme and Schtunks) as well as for the GSL Xplore M68
  • I also updated the Devices Benchmark page which lists all Speedy results for a huge number of the Palm devices.

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