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Updates as of July 25th, 2003 - by aldweb 25/07/2003 @ 23:30

  • Finally the miniPortail FAQ is available! But I did not do this job myself and we have to highly thank two active members of the miniPortail team for doing it: AR-GRAPH who read all the threads on the miniPortail forum to create this FAQ and Realia who did this tremendous job of check-reading it + English translation upgrade. Thanks a lot to both of you
  • Added 5 new sites in the miniPortail Links list.

Updates as of July 21st, 2003 - by aldweb 21/07/2003 @ 22:29

  • Quite a huge update for the languages available for miniPortail:
    - New languages: Portuguese (thanks Nicolas and Pedro), Slovak (thanks Pavol), Serbian (thanks ZeVs and Ezekiel)
    - Upgrade of existing languages: Spanish (thanks Francisco), Russian (thanks eugenij) and Danish (thanks Per Kongebro).
  • The geographical map of miniPortail is almost worldwide now
  • Added 5 new sites in the miniPortail Links list.
  • version 2.3 of miniPortail is currently being "packaged", so I hope to be able to offer it to you by the end of this week

Updates as of July 9th, 2003 - by aldweb 09/07/2003 @ 23:53

  • All threads of the miniPortail forum miniPortail which had been initiated before the 1st of June, 2003 were archived in a dedicated space, so as to speed up a little bit the site. These messages are now available here.
    This is a good example for seing how 2 miniPortail installed on the same site can communicate together
  • I also reactivated the miniPortail Links list which had been unactivated about two months ago when a miniPortail security issue had been found. Since then, webmasters have had time to secure their web sites. This reactivation was the right time to update the list with a few sites to remove (17) and many new ones to add (33).
    You will, thanks to these links, discover a few dizains of web sites made with miniPortail. Their diversity surprises me just every day
  • Let's rest a little bit with the new page miniPortail with Linux, QNX...

Updates as of July 6th, 2003 - by aldweb 06/07/2003 @ 15:56

  • Almost 2 months have passed without any news on this site... but the work kept going on in the background and, as a result, a new version of miniPortail is about to be ready with a lot of new functionalities and a huge surprise
    I would like to thank here the whole team that gathered around this project for their support and help, and a very special thank you to Nicolas.
  • Update of the Danish and Russian languages modules for miniPortail (thanks Per Kongebro and eugenij).
    Let's add that miniPortail is 100% available in Russian (demonstration database included) here : RussianPortals (thanks Victor for advising me).
  • I updated the site's statistics. I am very happy with the exponential number of visitors who come to the aldweb Site
  • A new version of PgmPP has been released, PgmPP being a set of sample programs for PP (on board Pascal compiler for Palm OS devices).
  • I added my 3 last articles about Palm programming on PeekPocket.
    To be especially noticed is the birth of the PPCompiler portal made by my friend Palmipod... using miniPortail .
  • In the Donation page, I added the possibilité to donate in Euro (in addition to the Dollar currency). Thanks to think about donating me if you appreciate this site and my work
  • Set up a new poll. The results of the previous polls are still available.

Updates as of May 13th, 2003 - by aldweb 12/05/2003 @ 23:29

  • As you will see when reading this paragraph, there is a lot of news here as my domain name is just one year old (first birthday)
  • Just to honnor bravely this birthday, a security issue (the very first one and we hope that it will be the last one!) was found in the admin area of miniPortail
  • 13 new links to web sites made with miniPortail were added in the miniPortail Links, but this list has been temporarely unactivated due to hacking activities on these sites (the hackers were browsing through this list to fool around after the security issue was published ).
  • A new miniPortail translation was added: Swedish (thanks Göran). I take this opportunity to invite you to go and see how miniPortail extends its geographical coverage. Soon, everybody on Earth (or almost everybody) will have the possibility to install miniPortail in his language . So, let's address here a huge thank you to all the translators.
  • The Realia site is now refered to in the miniPortail presentation page, this site is full of tricks about miniPortail.
  • In the aldweb Links, I have added a very interesting web site made by a blind person. I highly invite you to go and see it.
  • 2 web sites about Palm PP programming have just arrived. As their webmasters are almost 2 of my students , I am really happy with the arrival of their sites.
  • New version for SysInfo, which is one of my Palm shareware.
  • New version for Speedy, one of my Palm freeware.

Updates as of April 22nd , 2003 - by aldweb 22/04/2003 @ 23:47

  • Today's great news is the availability of the version 2.2 of miniPortail, full of improvements and new features. Highlights:
    1. much better customization possibilities (lateral latérales can be placed wherever you want, a 2nd articles box...)
    2. there is now a very useful WYSIWIG editor in the admin area
    3. a management of smileys themes
    4. a better compatibility with old PHP3 servers
    5. a faster pages displaying
    6. and so on...
    I would like to give here a very special THANK YOU to Nicolas Alves who provided most of these new functionalities and who took the time to code them. It is a great pleasure for me that Nicolas joined to develop miniPortail. THANKS again Nicolas
  • A new language has been added to miniPortail being Indonesian (thanks Surat).

Updates as of April 16th, 2003 - by aldweb 16/04/2003 @ 10:32

  • 15 new links of web sites made with miniPortail are to be found in the miniPortail links page.
  • A new translation for miniPortail was added: Norwegian (thanks Bent).

Updates as of March 31st, 2003 - by aldweb 31/03/2003 @ 21:39

  • 15 new links of web sites made with miniPortail are to be found in the miniPortail links page.The growth of the number of web sites "powered by miniPortail" is incredible. I take the opportunity here to thank the little, informal and enthousiastic team that joined me in the miniPortail project. This team has done a lot for this success.
  • the following miniPortail languages files have been updated to version 2.1 so far: Spanish and Russian.
  • A new translation for miniPortail was added: Norwegian (thanks Kristian).

Updates as of March 14th, 2003 - by aldweb 14/03/2003 @ 15:58

  • New version of the Speedy freeware for Palm OS based PDA.
  • 5 new links of web sites made with miniPortail are to be found in the miniPortail links page.
  • the following miniPortail languages files have been updated to version 2.1 so far: espagnol, italien, hollandais, turc.
  • Launched a new poll. I am very happy with the results of the previous poll about the feeling on the look & feel of the aldweb Site

  • New translation for miniPortail being Turkish (thanks Ali).
  • New version of the SysInfo shareware for Palm OS palmtop devices.

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