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article.gifV. iziBasic Palm - 3. iziBasic - web sites

Free hosting of your iziBasic applications

I offer a free web hosting space for the developers who built applications made with iziBasic and who wish to put their great creations without having to manage the startup of a web site.

Here are the conditions of my offer:
1. a URL of that type[yourChoice]/
2. an HTML page with one or a few image(s), presenting your FREE software and a download link of that type[yourChoice]/[]
3. one (or more if you designed more than one application) download ZIP file which holds the software, the source code (if that is your willing), a readMe.txt file (which says that you are the person to contact for any help, support, bugs... not me!)
4. send me all of this by e-mail and I take care of putting it online for you

Hosted iziBasic applications

Links to other iziBasic applications

Of course, you also may get everybody to know about your software developed in iziBasic on the following dedicated iziBasic forum thread .

Creation date : 24/01/2005 @ 21:53
Last update : 24/07/2009 @ 23:40
Category : V. iziBasic Palm

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