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article.gifIII. Palm Freeware - 8. iBClock


  • Version : 3.4 (September 2007)
  • Freeware for :
  • Language :
  • Screen :
  • Downloadable File : (29 Kb)

iBClock is just and only a clock displaying time in different flavors:
- clock style
- digital
- binary
- hexadecimal
- octal
- Roman numerals

iBClock source code

iBClock is one of the sample programs that I have put in the iziBasic package. So, you will find the source code of iBClock on my iziBasic page.

Updates Description

3.4 (09/17/07)
- recompiled this program with the latest iziBasic version 6.1 to avoid device freezes or soft resets on some devices

3.3 (11/04/05)
- removed a useless line in the source code

3.2 (02/23/05)
- recompiling this program with the latest iziBasic version 5.0 led to a 4 KB (-6%) decrease of the program's foot print

3.1 (12/02/04)
- minor source code change and compiler version upgrade for a smoother running of the iBClock software

3.0 (10/22/04)
- fixed a v2.0 bug which was returning a Fatal Error in devices with Palm OS < 5 (and not in the emulator!), thanks to Ken for reporting it. This bug was due to a PP compiler bug which was fixed by the brilliant author of PP… so that I just needed to recompile iziBasic with the latest version of PP, and then recompiling iBClock in iziBasic solved the bug
- fixed a bug in the digital clock for devices with gray screens, the clock hands were not correctly refreshed
- fixed a bug which did not save the color preferences for the binary and digital clocks
- slighly upgraded the drawing of the digical clock circle, this is I removed a "parasite" point on the right side
- upgraded the About and Donation popup windows

2.0 (09/04/04)
- fixed compatibility issue with Handspring Visor series
- fixed white background of the clock if the device has a color theme with non white background chosen in preferences

1.0 (07/22/04)
- initial release

Creation date : 24/07/2004 @ 01:01
Last update : 25/09/2007 @ 16:41
Category : III. Palm Freeware

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ouah c'est vraiment passionnant ta conversation je comprends pas très bien ce que cela vient faire avec les montres

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What time is it

Oups ! i am sorry

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