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article.gifGestion de Projet recommandations

My Freeware - Gestion de Projet

The Internet speaks about Gestion de Projet...

Some good quotations

  • Gestion de Projet obtained a rating at Nonags.
  • Gestion de Projet was listed in the number 4 (September 1999) of (a French Freeware magazine - 25 French Francs).
  • Gestion de Projet was listed in the Shareware/Freeware number 4 (November/December 1999) of (a French computer magazine - 42 French Francs).

Some papers

The following articles have not been translated. Therefore, you will find them written in their original language, so that not to distort the meanings of the different writers... you will at least understand that all these articles are laudatory with Gestion de Projet !
  • Computer Hoy (Spanish magazine, 2001)

    Here is the most beautiful paper written about Gestion de Projet. Therefore, I could not resist to scanning it. Thanks to Mar Serrano Segura who sent me a copy of the Computer Hoy Extra magazine.

  • Freeware Files (New Files - Friday, June 24, 1999)

    Gestion de Projet is an application which makes it possible to easily create Gantt graphs and to simulate the course of projects according to assumptions of actions to be carried out, their respective durations and their respective sequences.

  • (a French freeware magazine - Number 4 - September 1999 - 25 Franch Francs)

    Utilitaire de gestion de projets, à l'aide de diagrammes de Gantt. La simulation du déroulement s'effectue selon des actions à exécuter, ainsi que leur durée et leurs enchaînements. L'exemple fourni montre que les diagrammes de Gantt peuvent servir à bien des choses, y compris à organiser une soirée télévision !

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
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