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article.gifIV. Palm Shareware - 3. PalmPulus


Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Laurent Duveau


  • Version : 3.1 (September 2007)
  • Shareware for :
  • Language :
  • Screen :
  • Trial Version download : (184 Kb)
  • Full version price : US $­­­­­­­­­­­ 15
    All upgrades, minor as well as major ones, are free, you only buy this software once!

PalmPulus is a real time strategy game (which is by the way a great challenge for Palm devices!) which has some similarities with the well known Populous game. In this game, you fight against up to three computer players for control of a land. You must guide your people against the people of the computer players.

How to play PalmPulus?

Your first task in PalmPulus is to provide your people with free land. Then, order them to settle and they start to build new houses. As your population increases, you will have to ask your people to conquer new territories and strenghen their positions. Finally, unless you suffer from severe defeats, you can lead your people against the other people, wipe them out and win the mission...

All actions in PalmPulus need mana. Your mana will slowly grow all the time. The more and stronger people you have,the more mana you will gain. When you have enough mana you can disturb the doings of the other players with spells like destroying the nourishing grass, planting palm trees, placing stones or raising mountains.

You might recognize in PalmPulus some similarities with the well-known Populous Game which was a very original game when it was released in the early 1990's. The name of PalmPulus itself is a wink to Populous. PalmPulus is not a clone of Populous but it was for sure a good source of inspirationsince I had so much fun to play with Populous when I was a teenager.

Detailed description of PalmPulus (one more time)

The same thing as above presented in a more "marketing" way

PalmPulus - text description is included in the image

PalmPulus Forum

I have dedicated some space on this web site for a PalmPulus Forum. This forum is a tool for PalmPulus players to exchange tips an experience about the game. Do not hesitate to use it, this forum is really dedicated to the PalmPulus players community.

Limitations of the trial version of PalmPulus

The limitations of the trial version of PalmPulus are:
  • Limited to 10 uses
  • No more than 10 minutes of game play
  • You always start with a new game when launching PalmPulus (you do not recover the previous game status)
  • Load and Save Game are disabled
All other functionalities are the same ones as in the full version.

How to buy the full version of PalmPulus?

You can buy the full version of PalmPulus for the very little cost of US $­­­­­­­­­­­ 15 on the following online stores :Thanks for purchasing PalmPulus.

All upgrades, minor as well as major ones, are free, you only buy this software once!

Users testimonials

These testimonials are not translated, they are left in their original language so as not to take the risk of modifying their meanings. But, these are all great testimonials about PalmPulus

9-Jul-02 by Simon St James
Great game! Can be a little frustrating at first as your minions don't do *exactly* what they're told, but so addictive that you soon learn how to work this to your advantage. Challenging, long-lived (individual games can take over an hour!), with cute graphics. There's nothing quite like taking your army of knights and cutting a swathe through your opponents' forces! Also, support is excellent; I suggested a couple of changes to the author, and was immediately assured they would be in the next update. Well worth the money, IMO...

27-Sep-02 by emmanuel curtat
Que ceux qui ont passé des heures sur populus se préparent à passer des heures sur palmpulus. Ce jeu est aussi prenant que son aîné et l'adaptation sur palm est très réussie.

09-Nov-04 by Fred Fahrer
I discovered this game a few days ago.
It is made by a hobbyist developer who must have dedicated a lot of his time to bring such a real time game which runs very smoothly on my old Palm V.
It is great to have something else but a turn based game as we almost only get for Palm devices.
The game play is great, you get really trapped playing it, watching all your people move and fight.
Be careful, you might forget to look after your battery status and play during 1 hour or more!

Updates Description

3.1 (09/14/07)
- upgraded the ergonomics of navigating throug the game board: a new navigation button in the center of the moving arrows allows to center the display on the flag, thus replacing the previous [to Flag] button which was changed to put the flag in the center of the displayed area of the game board
- added one-handed navigation feature
- corrected a bug in the high score algorythm, you could get a great high score when giving up a game; now giving up a game means no high score calculation at all
- did a few refinings and enhancements in the algorythms of the computer players
- merged the two help files, main help and tutorial, in one common user manual, and upgraded the help accordingly to the new features added in this version

3.0 (11/03/04)
- grass has been split into 2 successive status: grass and then wheat. The buildings start to develop only at the wheat stage. The game became much more challenging with this change!
- added a 3rd computer player, only available on color enabled devices
- added a new sand ground type, which is unfertile ground that needs to be turned to fertile soil by your people
- the Grass Spell was changed to Sand Spell and it puts some unfertile sand squares now instead of just removing random grass or the new wheat squares
- upgraded the artificial intelligence of computer players so as to get them to be a little bit smarter
- added a High Score table to help you track your progress and your luck over time!
- spells buttons are shown only when the mana level has reached the level required to cast a given spell
- removed the onboard help because it was a huge pain to maintain both this documentation abstract software and the full PDF help documentation (also because many users told me that they never installed nor did they refer to this onboard help program!)

2.0 (10/28/03)
- people (that is peasants, soldiers and knights) are now animated, you know which direction they are going to
- more realistic move switch of people: for example a peasant initially moving East will not switch directly to West, he will first move North or South, unless he was told to do so for a specific action like move to flag or attack. This avoids people from moving back and forth in a small area!
- new zoom map layout, allowing to see 16 x 10 cells in addition to the standard 8 x 5 cells layout and the full zoomed map
- PalmPulus can now launch directly the PalmPulus on board Help program and, vice versa, you can directly go back in your PalmPulus game from the PalmPulus on board Help and launch PalmPulus from the on board help
- merged the black & white and color versions for easier install on any device

1.2 (10/14/02)
- changed all picture tiles in the color version for a much nicer and more friendly game board
- updated and enriched the help and tutorial files

1.1 (09/18/02)
- split the PalmPulus.PRC and PalmPulusHelp.PRC files into one for black & white devices and one for color devices for smaller RAM occupation
- code optimization in the global map view so that screen is displayed much faster now
- code optimization in the end of game statistics so that statistics are displayed much faster now
- added an option for casting a spell in the current detailed map and not only around flag's position
- added option to start game with more than one peasant
- added start game option to show or hide undiscovered land
- added in the download package a step by step tutorial (PDF file) to help first time users to get started with PalmPulus
- reduced size of PDF help file (from 152 KB to 128 KB)
- reduced size of PDF tutorial file (from 698 KB to 130 KB !)

1.0 (06/30/02)
- initial release

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 14/09/2007 @ 22:39
Category : IV. Palm Shareware

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