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article.gifII. PC Freeware - 4. Ma Page Web sites

Links to sites made with Ma Page Web freeware

Some of these sites are no more written with my Ma Page Web freeware, some of their authors having changed of web page designing tool. But all of these sites were at least written using Ma Page Web in their startup phase.
And this is where we meet Ma Page Web's objective : being a very simple and very easy to use web designing tool, allowing everybody to create Web sites. Once you become very used to it, no doubt that you might want to move to a more sophisticated tool, but at least Ma Page Web will have been your initiation tool.
  • A link to the site of Janice, Janice's Page, a very nice woman who is improving very fast in her discovery of the Internet. Soon, I will ask her help !

  • A link to the site of Ernst, OelAans's Homepage, a very nice Dutchmanun that lives in Java after having lived for many years in Surinam. Ernst created his Web site with Ma Page Web and he even thought about thanking Ma Page Web's author !

  • A link to the site of Jean-Marc, AutoAnciennes, a really nice guy who is found of cars and motorbikes' mechanics. I am sure that he will be very happy to update his site with the technical form of your vehicle. It seems that I helped him a lot (see his little word about me that touched me right in the heart), I mainly have the feeling that he is really very nice.

  • A link to the site of Orazor, a very nice creator of cartoons that look really great. He is looking for an editing company.

  • A link to the site of Jean-Marc, he made his page with Ma Page Web and speaks about a nice car.

  • A link to the site of Stéphane, Plongée Libre, made with Ma Page Web. Stéphane, a fan of tuba diving just like me, shows us some very nice pictures of ocean deeps.

  • A link to the site of Alexandre, AnnuGratos, made with Ma Page Web. Alexandre is just getting the best of the use of Ma Page Web.

  • A link to the family site B.S.M.V.. Links, pictures of the webmaster's house for which he is working a lot during his free time, surely a good explanation why his site is also under construction! Please note that the tool used is of course Ma Page Web!

  • A new site managed by Stéphane (see the site Plongée Libre) who is a French guy living in Japan. It is LE COIN DES EXPATS that has as an objective to open a virtual and nice web space for all French people leaving outside of France.

  • A marvellous site, that explains all about locks and security keyholes that we find on our doors. Are even explained manual and automated ways of opening these doors even if you do not have the keys! When reading this very good page made with Ma Page Web freeware, you feel like a burglar!

  • The Site de Ronan has nice web pages about GIF pictures, cartoons...

  • The Site de Mikaël made by his mother is a very lovely site.

  • The Mangin family Site is also a good example of what can be done with the help of Ma Page Web.

  • The school at Auberville La Campagne made historically its site with Ma Page Web now with GuppY, thanks to the great job of its teacher (Francois Racé) and the hard work of its students that learned how to create web pages using my Ma Page Web freeware and then my GuppY Content Management System open source software.

  • The Site Instits on the Web, another great site made by François Racé. François explains, among many other very interesting topics, how to use Ma Page Web for educational purposes!

  • The page of Joel who put such a nice word about me. Thanks Joel.

  • The Crazy Bédouin Diving Club site which dives us right away in the deepness of the seas.

  • The web site of Cécile who help us discover what Djembé is (African music).

  • The web site of sebtx with, among other topics, a very nice initiation page to the Basic programming language.

  • The web site of a bridge player.

  • The site site of Pierre and Brigitte who introduce their genealogy.

  • The association Droit au logement de Rouen has also created its web site with the help Ma Page Web. I am very happy to have indirectly helped this fair project.

  • The web site of Christian who speaks with courage of a medical error that left his son handicaped right from his birth.

  • The web site of a Fan of Alyssa Milano.

  • The two web sites of Daniel, Photos-Montages and Photos du Monde. You will surf on these two web sites without seing time going through, just because your eyes will really appreciate the beauty of the pictures shown.

  • Neal's web site, Automated Typing. Neal, with this natural marketing intelligence that I believe only American citizens can have, shows us a professional web site built with Ma Page Web which is a very good example of a good web site: quick to appear in the web browser, easy to read and understand.

  • The site of Simone and Jean-Michel, Kiinete, who present us with their hobbies for cats and painting, with a nice musical background.

  • The Site Limousin which introduces us with the Haute Vienne French region and especially with the Limoges city.

  • The web site of the Association AFED, an association for Helping the Families suffering from Lost Children. I am more than happy that Ma Page Web could help in the technical part of the creation of this web site made by the very smart Eric.

  • The site of the AUBERGE LA GUERINE... well, I feel hungry when I see this nice French restaurant!

  • The site "A vau-l'eau" which is mainly about fantasy movies of the 1930's.

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 30/04/2007 @ 15:36
Category : II. PC Freeware

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react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #5 

by dume 16/01/2013 @ 19:38

Cette page est truffée de liens morts

Reaction #4 

by aldweb 06/06/2006 @ 19:15

Salut Ricsen,

Merci pour ta bienveillance à me signaler ce petit souci, je le sais bien en fait, car je n'ai pas retouché à cette page depuis presque 2 ans.

Mais je suis sentimentalement attaché à cette liste commencée en 1999 (et oui, ce n'est pas tout récent !), les débuts de ma présence sur le web pour mon premier outil de création de pages web, quelque part l'ancêtre de miniPortail devenu ensuite le GuppY à l'énorme succès que tu connais bien.

Peut-être devrais-je commencer par indiquer les [liens brisés] plutôt que renvoyer mes gentils visiteurs sur ces pages malheureusement disparues


Reaction #3 

by ricsen 06/06/2006 @ 16:56

je t'ecris pour t'aviser que tu a plein de liens cassés dans la liste ci-dessus.

Reaction #2 

by aldweb 15/01/2004 @ 21:01

Je ne crois pas que le site dont je t'ai parlé ait été fait avec Ma Page Web, mais avec GuppY (ex miniPortail) qui est maintenant ici : Mais, je ne sais plus s'il est inscrit dans la liste des sites référencés... et c'est certain que j'ai bazardé son e-mail

Reaction #1 

by mozeure 15/01/2004 @ 16:17

c'est vrai que je serais la preume ?*
Je suis allee me ballader car je recherchais le site de la paroisse dont tu nous avais parlé, car le père Guibert du Pouliguen veut créer le site de sa paroisse saint Nicolas.
Special !

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