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article.gifLes programmes BASIC gratuits d'aldweb pour le Sharp PC-1360

Sharp Pocket Computer 1360 - Competence Center

aldweb's free programs

aldweb's free programs for the Sharp PC-1360

Here is the list of my free programs :
  • TABLEUR : a Spreadsheet
  • TEXT : a Word Processor
  • TOOLBOX : a complete toolbox to analyze your PC (includes a machine language reverse engineering tool, an ASCII/Decimal byte showing tool, a byte hunter tool)
  • HELPER : a Math toolbox (draws graphs, has a list of formulas, manages matrixes, Hex/Bin/Dec conversions, and many functions)
  • MAP : a world map (two sizes, scrolling function)
  • MEMWAR : a game in which robot programs will fight to occupy the whole memory space
  • GAMES : a collection of games (Gorilla, Mine Sweeper)
  • LAUCOM : a real Macro Assembler for your Sharp PC-1360 - needs a 32 Kb RAM card to work at the moment (all parametrization made for this RAM card, I am working on getting it working for 16 Kb and 8 Kb RAM cards)
Not all of these programs are available yet. They were all written in French and I am currently working on translating them to English and also writing help files. I will release them on this Web site on the fly, one after the other. If you have a preference for getting some of them, please let me know so that I start working on these ones.

How to transfer programs between a Big PC and a Sharp PC-1360 ?

Well, downloading free software for the Sharp PC-1360 is one thing. Inputing them in the PC-1360 is another thing. If you do not feel like retyping them all, read the following paragraphs...

To transfer programs between a Big PC and a Sharp PC-1360, you will need two things :
  1. A cable to link your Big PC to your Sharp PC-1360. I will present two serial cables (connecting to the 15 pins plug of the Sharp PC).
  2. A transfer software. Even though, HyperTerminal from Windows can work, I highly recommend to use another software.

Serial Cable

  • My site mainly focuses on the aspects on which Simon does not talk about in his Web site... I will anyway talk a little bit about one of Simon's objects. Indeed, the MOST IMPORTANT contribution of Simon for the Sharp PC-1360 is a "do it yourself" serial cable. Now, the PC-1360 can be directly connected to a Big PC. You no more need a tape recorder and no longer have to print using a so small printer. Your PC-1360 can be directly synchronized with your Big PC. All explanations on how to build this cable are to be read on the Sharp PC-1360 Web site of my friend Simon. This cable is really easy to build, you do not really need to be an electronician to succeed in building one. But be careful, it will not work properly with a laptop for sending data from Big PC to Sharp PC and, in some cases, it will not fully work with a desktop (sending from Sharp PC to Big PC did not work with my desktop).
  • The second cable is rather more sophisticated, so quite hard to build if you are not a good electronician. Anyway, it is worth taking the time to build this one as it is a real voltage converter between the 0/+5 Volts (0 Volt stands for 0 and +5 Volts for 1 in [0;1] binary) of the Sharp PC and the -12/+12 Volts (-12 Volts stands for 0 and +12 Volts for 1 in [0;1] binary) of the Big PCs. Full explanations to build this cable can be found on the Web site of Andrew Woods.

Transfer Software

Once your cable is built, you will need a software to transfer files between your Big PC and your PC-1360. Many emulation programs are available on the Internet, but I especially recommand you to choose Tera Term Pro, a really easy to use freeware terminal emulator that supports serial port connections (just what you need !).

You will need to configure Tera Term Pro according to the PC-1360 specifications :
  • Serial Port Setup : Port = the one of your Big PC, Baud rate = 1200, Data = 8 bits, Parity = none, Stop = 1 bit, Flow control = Xon/Xoff
  • Terminal Setup : Terminal size = 150 x 24 with Term size = win size option checked, New-line Receive = CR+LF, New-line transmit = CR
  • Window Setup : Scroll buffer = 10000 lines (to be sure to make it)
A copy of my Tera Term Pro Configuration File is available for download (Teraterm.ini file, to be put in the directory where you installed Tera Term Pro).

A great thing about Tera Term Pro is that this freeware even includes a scripting language, thus allowing you to build personalized macros. That's what I did to fully automate downloads and uploads between a Big PC and the PC-1360. I also give away these scripts for download here under.

Download TeraTerm.ini file (6 Kb)

Download Tera Term macro files for Send / Receive (1 Kb)

An alternate solution to Simon's serial cable and Tera Term Pro : use remaining commercial programs to transfer programs between a Big PC and a Sharp PC-1360

I did not try any of these programs. So, buy and use at your own risk. The cables and programs listed here are believed to work fine with the PC-1360, as well as with other Sharp PCs.

These two programs are both based on the Sharp's standard printer / tape recorder interface and are sold with specific software.

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Dernière modification : 12/06/2005 @ 20:41
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react.gifRéactions à cet article

Réaction n°5 

par CodeFetch le 09/03/2008 @ 15:10

Hi there,

I was asking the Yellow-team for publishing their software and they gave me the permission to.
I've already uploaded the Yellow PD Pool and Transfile PC-E500.

PD Pool:


It would be very nice if you send your Yellow-software to me.

I contacted Dr. Fischel and asked for publishing his stuff and became the permission to, too.

So it would be nice if you send me your Fischel-stuff, too.


Réaction n°4 

par aldweb le 10/11/2005 @ 21:03

Hello Andreas,

The company who built and sold the SL16 interface does not sell it anymore.

BUT, good luck, I managed to get in touch with them and they accepted to give me all required stuff for free (the electronics design + the DOS executables... badly, they did not find the source code back so porting the software to Windows for instance would be a very difficult task).

If you are able to build your own connection cable (this one is quite complex, requiring a lot of components), then I could send the SL-16 documentation and software. Drop me an e-mail then.

On my side, I should take the time to put it down here on my web site! (and I have had it since mid-2001 or so...)


Réaction n°3 

par andreas le 09/11/2005 @ 14:32

hi! i´m looking for more information about the sharp sl-16 interface. for which pocket computers? price etc.



Réaction n°2 

par aldweb le 27/06/2005 @ 21:58

Hello anacleto,

Sure, I would be happy or my friend Simon who now has a Sharp PC Resource Center which is much enhanced would be even more happy than me to host all of the Transfile PC Plus information, just like we did after the people from the CardWare Yougoslavian Company sent me all of their SL-16 Sharp disk interface.

Simon's web site:

By the way, Simon succeeded to connect a serial mouse onto PCs


Réaction n°1 

par anacleto le 27/06/2005 @ 16:55

Just to report that Yellow computing is no longer in the (obsolete) business of Sharp Pocket Comp. but on PDAs and so on. I contacted them but they do not (want to?) support...
May be then Transfile for IBM PC could be put on this webpage ? I have the amiga version (you need a free mouse/joy port and the ... hardware !).
by the way, has anybody tried to connect a ps/2 mouse onto PCs ? like those tiny & cute notebook ones. What about a simple GUI ?
Un volontaire pour ecrire le software ?
Haben wir n' Freiwilliger um die Hardware zu entwickeln?
Someone to developp the Hard & Soft ?

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