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article.gifVII. Ordinateur Poche - 4. PockASM

PockASM Macro Assembler for Sharp Pocket Computers

Copyright (C) 2000-2003 Laurent Duveau


  • Version : 1.1 (September 2002)
  • Freeware for : Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
  • Languages :
  • Downloadable File : pockasm.exe (267 Kb)
  • Installation program : Yes, you just need to run pockasm.exe
  • Uninstallation program : Yes, fully automatic
PockASM stands for POCKet AsSeMbler. POCKASM is a macro assembler for old 8 bits Sharp Pocket Computers running with a SC61860 CPU. I decided to build this tool because I was tired of spending so much time developing routines using the Machine Language of the SC61860 on my Sharp PC-1360.

Summary of the main features of POCKASM :
  • PockASM is a compiler, it compiles PockASM macro assembler programs to SC61860 Machine Language.
  • PockASM supports the whole instructions set of the SC61860 processor.
  • PockASM brings a high level of assistance and helps to speed up development of Machine Language programs by the use of labels, variables, calculations, compiler directives...
  • PockASM is a "Big PC" program (Big PC stands for regular Personal Computer when, in my sayings, Small PC stands for Pocket Computer). The generated SC61860 code needs then to be exported to the Small PC.
As it is always easier and faster to learn with examples, PockASM comes with two examples of complete projects source codes:
  • PETOOLS is a set of machine language routines made by Edgar Pühringer with PockASM. PETOOLS extends the possibilities of the Sharp PC-1403(H) in graphics, sound and other functions. Edgar is one of the PC-1403's specialists in the world and his Sharp Pocket Computer PC-1403 Resource Page is of high interest.
  • WIN13x0: see the Why did I upgrade PockASM ? paragraph.

Typical window of PockASM

New features brought by version 1.1 of PockASM

  • Validated compatibility with Windows XP.
  • Added HB@ and LB@ mathematical operators.
  • Changed mathematical calculator to take the INTEGER part of the calculated value and no more the ROUND part of it. This means that if the calculator finds a 5.7 value it will return 5 and no more 6 (mainly usefull for High Bytes and Low Bytes calculations, even though I have also added the new HB@ and LB@ operators).
  • Added compiler directives for managing relative jumps.
  • Added compiler directives , and primarly for managing conditional compiling according to type of Small PC (or anything else that you like).
  • Added compiling Error Codes for easier debugging.
  • Added an automated scrolling to line where compiling error was detected for easier debugging.
  • Updated the report view, adding a C first character for indicating Code or a D first character for Data position as defined by DB, DW or DS.
  • Added a compile to WAV file format, using the third party BIN2WAV program (
  • Added a sophisticated sample program (Win13x0.asm) to help you getting started (it is always easier to learn by studying existing examples!).
  • Upgraded the help file. Main new point is that I added a SC61860 Machine Language Quick Reference Guide.
  • Changed the setup program. As a consequence of this change, the size of the installation file is lowered by 30%, so download time will decrease also by 30% !

Why did I upgrade PockASM ?

The WIN13x0 project - Putting a Windows like OS in the PC-13x0 series

It took me two years before I decided to upgrade PockASM... As always, this upgrade came to become a must when I found out that I could not manage one of my programming projects with the previous level of functionalities.

So, what was that project about? Well, my idea was to bring the taste and feel of the Windows OS in my PC-1360...

You might wonder if I did not become crazy... how could I bring such a huge OS (even in its Windows CE or Pocket PC versions... as compared to Palm OS) to an old Pocket Computer only running at 768 KHz (when a current basic Palm device runs at 33 MHz by the time I write these lines and a Pocket PC will often need more than 200 MHz to run "almost" smoothly) and only having a few Kb of RAM?

Just download PockASM then, as I deliver my so called WIN13x0 program as a complete and detailed sample source code program for PockASM. WIN13x0 runs for both the PC-1350 and the PC-1360, not for the other Sharp Small PCs... a 4 lines display is a minimum for a Windows like system, don't ask for it on your one or two lines display device!

Now, what if you don't have a real PC-1350 or PC-1360 device?
Don't worry, I even wrote a Simulator which reproduces exactly the behaviour of WIN13x0 on your PC just like the printscreen above shows.

Win-1360 Simulator

  • Version : 1.0 (October 2004)
  • Freeware for : Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
  • Languages :
  • Downloadable File : (243 Kb)
  • Installation/Uninstallation : no need, this is a stand-alone software

PockASM or "PocketASM" ?

My friend Simon has written a beautiful IDE (Integrated Development Editor) around PockASM's assembler engine that he called PocketASM. Many great features (macros, language files...) have been added to PockASM's basic editor to make of PocketASM a real machine language inetgrated development tool for Sharp PCs. So, you might want to give a look to PocketASM too.

Date de création : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Dernière modification : 30/04/2007 @ 15:59
Catégorie : VII. Ordinateur Poche

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par Antonio Maschio le 23/04/2007 @ 11:54

Well, PockASM is great!

-- Antonio
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