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article.gifII. PC Freeware - 2. Gestion de Projet

My Freeware - Gestion de Projet

Copyright (C) 1998-2003 Laurent Duveau

Gestion de Projet

  • Version :3.0 (October 1999)
  • Freeware for : Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
  • Languages :
  • Downloadable File : gstprj30.exe (518 Kb)
  • Installation program : Yes, you just need to run gstprj30.exe
  • Uninstallation program : Yes, fully automatic
Gestion de Projet is a tool that assists you in creating Gantt graphs in a very easy way. Gestion de Projet is also ment to simulate projects' workload according to hypothesis of tasks to do, to their respective length and their succession in time.
If you do not know Gantt graph, let me just tell you that it is a graphical way of showing projects that has no real competitor to get a clear appearance of the ongoing of a project. This organisation tool helps in knowing the state of the different tasks of the project, and more precisely to put to evidence, for each task, the worked time, the still to work time.
Don't forget that a good project starts with a good plannification of it!

Some Gestion de Projet recommandations

Typical window of Gestion de Projet

New features brought by version 3.0 of Gestion de Projet

  • Fully changed my stratety about the graphical component that allows to graphically show or print the Gantt chart. I have thrown away the "ready to use" component that I had found starting with version 2.0, and took a long time to program a new one starting from nothing, that would fully comply to Gestion de Projet's needs. This will allow higher flexibility in further developments of this freeware (see next points...). Furthermore, this action reduced the size of executable files from 1507 Ko to 445 Ko, giving me a saving of 353% !!! This modification fully justifies a move to a new major version (N.x), version 3.0 following the former 2.4 version.
  • Possibility to manage the time unit of measure on the X axis (Day / Month / Year formatted date, of course Year 2000 compliant), instead of having a tasks' chaining only dealing with a sole unit starting with 0 and going up to t (where 0 is the starting date of the project, and 1 'till t the successive steps of the project, without giving precise time unit of measure). The former graphical component was not flexible enough to allow this new feature asked by many users.
  • Graphical visualisation of precedence links between tasks (task #x cannot start if task #y is not finished). Again, the new graphical component gave the opportunity to this innovation.
  • Direct selection of tasks on the Gantt chart by a simple mouse click. The Tasks' inputing window will now open after a double-click on the requested task. You are no more requested to select the task through the "track-bar" or the "spin editor" before clicking on the Action button. Do I need to say it, but this new feature was possible thanks to the new graphical component.

Bugs of version 3.0

This version of Gestion de Projet has two identified bugs. Of course, they are annoying but they are not blocking bugs. They are documented as well as the tricks to bypass them. They are to be read in the Contournement des bugs de Gestion de Projet document (PDF file, 195 Kb).
Sorry, this document is only in French at the moment. Do not hesitate to ask me to translate it to you if you would like to read it.

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 30/04/2007 @ 15:35
Category : II. PC Freeware

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react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #7 

by DADA 18/03/2005 @ 10:39

salut à tous,

application gestion de projet super super.
PAr contre, dès que j'essaie d'agrandir la fenêtre à la taille de l'écran, des bugs se produisent. La feuille s'agrandie démesurement et je ne peux plus naviguer dans le projet ??

Reaction #6 

by Jacob Zachariah 24/09/2004 @ 23:14

seem to be very useful software for project engineering

Reaction #5 

by Shauguel 31/03/2004 @ 14:31

Idem pour les problèmes d'impression, des traits noirs, et plus d'écriture.
Mais pour faire un imprimé écran, faudrait-il encore pouvoir agrandir la fenêtre de travail, chose que je ne peux pas faire.
A l'aide !

Reaction #4 

by aldweb 28/02/2004 @ 22:43


Pour l'anti-bug, click droit, une fenêtre popup s'ouvre, et rapatriement (puis lecture avec Adobe Acrobat Reader), ou click gauche et alors avoir le plugin Adobe PDF dans ton navigateur.

Quant à cette histoire de traits... j'ai du mal à voir ce qui se passe ! Y aurait-il moyen de recevoir (par e-mail) une copie d'écran, un scan ?

Reaction #3 

by sam 27/02/2004 @ 15:43

je suis heureuse d'avoir trouvé un tel logiciel, par contre dès que je souhaite imprimer mes diagrammes, les activités deviennent tout simplement des traits. plus rien d'écrit... que faire ?
d'autre part, je n'arrive pas à télécharger l'"anti-bugs".
merci d'avance pour tes réponses
a+ Sam
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