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article.gifV. iziBasic Palm - 5. ViziBasic - Visual Editor for iziBasic


Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Laurent Duveau


  • Version : 2.2 (July 2009)
  • Shareware for :
  • Language :
  • Screen :
  • Trial Version download : (369 Kb)
  • Full version price : US $­­­­­­­­ 15
    All upgrades, minor as well as major ones, are free, you only buy this software once!
Other useful downloads (earlier files issued for previous versions) :

ViziBasic is a Visual editor for iziBasic.

Detailed description of ViziBasic

ViziBasic stands for Visual easy Basic for Palm. It is an add-on application that I especially made for easing the development of iziBasic projects requiring GUI components (well, most of the Palm applications that you will develop should need that!).

ViziBasic is an application dedicated to:
  • design simple GUI applications, with forms and objects in a form
  • have objects perform specific actions thanks to attached iziBasic source code to each object, source code that you write to customize these actions
  • generate and write the iziBasic source code to some Palm DOC format file that can then be edited like any other iziBasic source code for further enhancing your application
  • thanks to its integration with the iziBasic compiler (as its name states it!), compile directly the generated iziBasic source code for immediate result

And all of this is done directly on board of your Palm device.

So, ViziBasic is a Rapid Application Development tool (so called RAD), a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) form designer, and the perfect companion to the iziBasic compiler.
ViziBasic is then especially useful for quickly prototyping an application and, since the source code is written in the standard Palm DOC format, it can be the base for further enhancements or more complex coding.

ViziBasic does not come with iziBasic and it is quite useless without it.
You have to purchase the iziBasic compiler separately.

Last but not least (because it is the first time I use my own iziBasic compiler to design a shareware application), ViziBasic itself is coded with iziBasic!

Limitations of the unregistered version of ViziBasic

The limitations of the trial version are very light, so that you can really play with it and decide if it is worth for you.
Therefore, all functionalities are activated.
The limitations are:
- A nag screen to remind you to buy the full version
- You may use it during 2 weeks, then you have to buy it to keep using it

How to buy the full version of ViziBasic?

You can buy the full version of ViziBasic for the very little cost of US $­­­­­­­­ 15 on the following online stores :Thanks for purchasing ViziBasic.

All upgrades, minor as well as major ones, are free, you only buy this software once!

Updates Description

2.2 (07/28/09)
- bug fix: Edit menu now effective in the "Save Project as" window
- renamed "Screen Resolution" to "Screen Mode" in the Options screen, as this wording is the appropriate one for what it does
- changed Screen Mode selection from 4 menu options to one dedicated selection form
- added a confirm deletion of source code notice to avoid deletion by mistake!
- added a new "Beam Project" menu item to let you beam project files between devices
- added scrollbars to source code editing fields, for easier navigation
- source code editing fields now have a fixed width font, for easier coding
- added option to select size of this fixed font (small/highRes or big/lowRes)
- added option to create a new object as a copy from an existing object (including related event's source code)
- added a new menu option to manage HighRes+ mode available on Palm T3,T5 and TX devices
- added display of the "A$(n)" case for PopupChoice and ListChoice objects
- added two new sample programs: DayOfWeek and ViziStudio

2.1 (09/17/07)
- recompiled this program with the latest iziBasic version 6.1 to avoid device freezes or soft resets on some devices

v2.0 (09/20/06)
- when loading last project at program launch, now checks if the project file was not deleted in the meantime
- added an option to select an item by ID for objects or graphics drawn out of screen's bounds
- Heading Code is now prefilled with "_GosubLabel: / RETURN" if empty
- added OnAppStart and OnAppExit source code procedures
- added an option to warn and get user validation before replacing Source Code DOC file
- auto migrates project files of previous versions to new format
- ipgraded the ViziBinDec sample application to show the "0" initial value, using the new OnAppStart source code procedure, and added an icon resource to this sample application
- added some explanations in the user manual of how to browse in Code and TEXTFIELD$$ screens without scrollbar
- performed massive optimizations in the source code

1.1 (11/14/05)
- bug fix: the SCROLLBAR object is now generated in the source code generation process

1.0 (11/04/05)
- initial release for Palm OS

Creation date : 02/11/2005 @ 22:55
Last update : 30/07/2009 @ 21:04
Category : V. iziBasic Palm

react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #12 

by aldweb 13/10/2007 @ 17:44

Hello Harvey,

I don't really get your point, I guess I have missed something in your query.

I just tried back in my wife's TX, using the trial version of ViziBasic 2.1.

I have designed a button, XPos=170, XWidth=25, YPos=164,YPos=14. So this button cannot be seen on the screen.

Then, I go to Menu, Graphic, Offscreen Objects. The list shows me my button, I click on the [Select] button and, voilà, the button design window appears and I can change the X,Y position of the button.

So, to me, version 2.1 does what it claims.


Reaction #11 

by Harvey Vaters 12/10/2007 @ 06:52


I just downloaded the ViziBasic 2.1 trial to test it out before I purchased it. The main reason is I am using iziBasic 6.0, and ViziBasic 1.1, and so as I was designing a form, an item was lost off screen. 2.1 claimed to be able to reach items off screen, and I do see where that has been implamented, however, when I go to pick the item, it seems the page is not working. I take the focus off the [Select] button to click the drop down list, and when I go to reselect the [Select] button, it won't let me press it. The only way to exit ViziBasic from that point is to click the [Home] button on my Palm TX.

Will you be addressing this in the next version before I buy?

Reaction #10 

by aldweb 16/10/2006 @ 23:59

Hello Adi,

The updated version 2.0 was sent to you, by e-mail, 2006-09-20 22:43:57 precisely (French time).
If you did not receive it, I will ship it back to you.


Reaction #9 

by Adi Corrales 16/10/2006 @ 23:33

Hi... Is there a place to get the full version other than the page I bought It? I bought vizibasic and izibasic from handango, but now, they are asking me to pay (again!) to download the file! the upgrade option in the page just said I already download the file or that I never bought it . I have version 1.1 and I don't mind keep using it, but I really want to try version 2 (and, as upgrades are free... ;) )


Reaction #8 

by aldweb 25/09/2006 @ 23:11

Hello Enotar,

No, there is no plan to make one application out of the two iziBasic & ViziBasic. They integrate quite well together, don't you believe so?

As for the 320x480 mode, I started working on it some months ago, back in January 2006. But I had not enough free time to finish this job yet


Reaction #7 

by enotar 25/09/2006 @ 22:56

Ver 2.0 is nice & works weel!
I dont remember asking for this or of someone ask for it but;
Any plan to integrate both Izibasic & Vizibasic in one aplication?
Another point;did you change your mind about suporting 320X480 in Izibasic & ViziBazic?

Thank you

Reaction #6 

by Emerson 15/03/2006 @ 11:15

Yo aldweb,

What are you worrying about?! It's just a question that needed to be answered.

Your app is great, mine is still shareware though. I'm still just not used to typing long codes on my Treo.

God bless,

Reaction #5 

by aldweb 12/03/2006 @ 11:03

Hello Emerson,

No there is not. I could of course offer like a $­­5 discount in such a bundle. But it is such a pain to manage a bundle that I decided not to do it.

Sorry for this not at all "customer oriented" answer


Reaction #4 

by Emerson 12/03/2006 @ 07:25

Is there a bundle pricing for both iziBasic and ViziBasic?

Reaction #3 

by Scott 17/11/2005 @ 08:19

Thanks for the help with multiable forms.

Reaction #2 

by aldweb 16/11/2005 @ 18:54

Hello Scott,

Yes, I have thought about it and the answer is: NO

But, if say NO, it is because I have reasons for that:
1. There is an easy workaround in ViziBasic for prototyping applications with multiple forms: the idea is to build several PRCs that can be called each other with the RUN statement.
2. If you wish to build a real sophisticated application, then it will be needed to "dive into" the iziBasic source code. The NekoCat is a nice example of such an application with 2 forms not using resource file.

So, as you can understand, I will keep ViziBasic to what it was made for:
1. designing small (with one main form) applications.
2. designing forms, building source code skeleton and prototyping sophisticated applications.


Reaction #1 

by Scott 16/11/2005 @ 14:26


Have you thought about supporting multiable forms? Without using resource file.

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