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article.gifV. iziBasic Palm - 1. iziBasic - Description & Download


Copyright (C) 2004-2009 Laurent Duveau


  • Version : 7.0 (July 2009)
  • Shareware for :
  • Language :
  • Screen :
  • Trial Version download : (3.0 Mb)
  • Full version price : US $­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 25
    All upgrades, minor as well as major ones, are free, you only buy this software once!
Other useful downloads:
  • User Manual in French (version 6.0): (972 Kb)
    THANK YOU very much Apdi2003 for this very welcome translation
  • Abstracts of the User Manual in various formats that can be used directly onboard of the Palm device (various older versions): (587 Kb)
    THANK YOU very much to Garfield and Patrick for sharing their documentation
  • Various "PP applets" to add to iziBasic's features: (462 Kb)
    THANK YOU very much to bh77a, JoeV and Khertan for sharing their "PP applets"

iziBasic stands for easy Basic for Palm. It targets all kinds of developers and should be a very good tool for newbee programmers. Skilled programmers will also find in iziBasic a tool to develop very quickly and easily various types of software.

iziBasic is a high level development compiler which builds Stand-alone applications. The great thing is that it does all of that directly on-board of your Palm OS based device.
Source codes are easily written using:
- either the Memo Pad application which is shipped with all Palm OS devices,
- or an on-board third party DOC editor of your choice.

As its name also states it, iziBasic uses the BASIC high level and very easy to learn development language, a customized subset of it to be
precise. You will discover how easy and quick it is to develop software with iziBasic when the more common development tools available on the Palm OS platform usually require pretty good development skills.

A wonderful review, very positive and precise, was written for iziBasic on the famous English Palm247 website. You may access to this review by clicking on the link here after:
I especially appreciated this review because I believe that it explains extremely well all aspects of iziBasic.

iziBasic is also very officially referenced on the PalmSource web site. It is qualified as "an easy-to-use BASIC compiler"
The full description of PalmSource can be found here:

To give you an idea of the power of iziBasic, here are snapshots for 6 of the 22 sample
applications which are gently offered to you in the iziBasic distribution file:

Detailed description of iziBasic (one more time)

The same thing as above presented in a more "marketing" way

iziBasic - text description is included in the image
iziBasic - text description is included in the image

Limitations of the trial version of iziBasic

The limitations of the trial version are very light, so as not to stop you from using iziBasic if you like it and cannot afford to buy it.
For instance, there is no time limit and you can very well use iziBasic without any time restriction.
But you are encouraged to support this shareware and buy it.
The limitations are:
- A nag screen to remind you to buy the full version
- Some functionalities are not activated (a few instructions and statements)
- The About box in your programs tells that your software was made with iziBasic

How to buy the full version of iziBasic?

You can buy the full version of iziBasic for the very little cost of US $­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 25 on the following online stores :Thanks for purchasing iziBasic.

All upgrades, minor as well as major ones, are free, you only buy this software once!

Users testimonials

24-Jul-04 by Guilherme Miguéis
This is a killer tool for standard GUI Palm OS applications development! It uses standard Palm OS API controls and it's faster than many popular interpreted C's and BASIC's for Palm OS! It also builds standard stand-alone Palm OS executables "onboard" - no runtime distribution!

05-Aug-04 by jdebay
This is a must have for anyone doing RAD for palm os.
This is a system that is five stars plus. documentation is very good for initial release. Sample programs are great. We just need to support this system.

27-Oct-04 by YAM Guy
I'm a newbee programmer who wanted to do more with my Palm, and make my own programs for "fun", and I found iziBasic so easy to learn and use!!! Easy but powerfull! It's so fun to code / debug / test and I fell very happy when I see my own programs running!
Very good job!!!

30-Nov-04 by Chuck Norman
Very powerful program, especially for the low cost. Creates stand alone applications easily. I was able to build and debug a 400+ line program in a few hours. Execution speeds are very fast. Questions were answered promptly on the developer's forum. Support has been first class; better than most commercial programs. This package has made it fun to program on the Palm with the simplicity of the BASIC language.

12-Dec-04 by Boris Belfer
I have used NSBasic for a long time, then HandHeld Basic, Small Basic, and now - exclusively your software, because I can make changes right in front of my clients, adapting calculation to their specific needs. The software is not restricting my brain anymore. My engineering design got freedom!

13-Dec-04 by Nelson Menéndez
I just purchased iziBasic and it is amazing. I forgot how much fun was to program en Basic. After reading your manual, I was able to create the program with not much hesitation.

20-Dec-04 by Benoit HERVIER
The best PalmOS onboard basic.
PRC generated is fast, and make design palm apps is very easy.
And support are excellent !

27-Mar-05 by lawson liu
it is very good. I like it. and develope some good application programes

13-Jul-05 by K. Obe
Finally there is an Basic compiler for Palm and it is really EASY to use. Great!

A reviewer from Miami, Florida, 2005-10-21
Could it Get Better?
No It Can't. iziBasic is a Must Have tool for any developer, not only can it create ''quick and dirty'' applications, it can also create professional applications. Customer support is great

A reviewer from from Vancouver, BC, on Nov 14, 2005
Very powerful RAD tool
It is easy to create applications with iziBasic aswell as native add-ins for iziBasic. iziBasic creates small, fast, commercially-markettable applications. 5 stars!

Updates Description

Thanks to go to this page.

Creation date : 22/07/2004 @ 19:31
Last update : 12/12/2009 @ 12:02
Category : V. iziBasic Palm

react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #40 

by afleverb 13/11/2013 @ 07:08

Hi, Where I can buy iziBasic?, I try to buy in pdassi, but nobody responds, another option?, thanks.

Reaction #39 

by aldweb 05/05/2012 @ 18:36

You are right. This URL works:


Reaction #38 

by danbae 08/11/2011 @ 11:43

The full version of iziBasic is not found on any of the three pages you listed for purchase options. Is there any other option?



Reaction #37 

by aldweb 02/04/2008 @ 12:46


What you ask for can of course be coded with iziBasic.

But, you will not find a high level form/database statement or function in iziBasic to do it.
iziBasic works with basic flat files, records are stored in the Basic language fashion. It is up to your code to link the file records with the displaying rendering in a form, including filters, etc...

Overall, the coding principles are the same in iziBasic as in OnBoardC, PP Pascal, and most other development tools, but usually easier to code because the low level coding required in the other tools for file manipulation or form rendering are managed by iziBasic's runtime engine.

You should, at this stage, give a look to the source code of iBAddress to understand what I mean.


Reaction #36 

by trial 01/04/2008 @ 09:58

What I mean with 'table' is:
e.g. Your sample application 'iBAddress' has its main-database. Can we do the following with izibasic: We make another form that displays a table whose columns are only for LastName, FirstName, and Phone Fields (with filtering if possible). This form has its own database so we can set the 'SaveState' for the table displayed.
It is the code for that table which I want to see. I can't find it in the manual.
Thank you for the quick reply.

Reaction #35 

by aldweb 31/03/2008 @ 17:04

Hello "trial",

I am not sure to understand your request... So, my answer might be wrong somehow...

If the objective is to convert a PC database ("main-database"?) to a Palm database that could then be read and used by an iziBasic made application, this is of course possible with some 3rd party tools, but it is somehow out of iziBasic's current scope. I remember of a similar need expressed on the iziBasic forum, some time ago. Start by doing a search on this forum.

If the objective is to split a Palm "main-database" to some smaller tables/files, this is as well possible. But iziBasic is not natively a database oriented development tool, it rather works with "Basic minded" files. But you could use the database library, using some PP applet to monitor the calls from the iziBasic requests. There is a sample source code and application in the iziBasic package that shows an example of such a doing.

I hope that this answer will help you.


Reaction #34 

by trial 31/03/2008 @ 09:32

Is there any code-sample for creating some "tables" from a certain main-database?

Reaction #33 

by TomA 28/09/2006 @ 11:02

Hello aldweb,

Juste un petit mot pour dire que iziBasic, c'est "d'la bombe"

J'ai jamais vu un compilateur Basic aussi simple ! Programmer devient vite un plaisir, surtout avec ce petit bijou !

Continue comme ça !

@+ !

Reaction #32 

by aldweb 18/11/2005 @ 19:43

Hello Abner,

If you sister bought it, then she received an e-mail with the upgrade attached to it, like I always do for all upgrades.

If, for any reason, she did not receive it or threw it away already, she just has to send me an e-mail, giving me some information to proove that she bought it and where (I can then check with my sales statements). I would then send her back the new version.


Reaction #31 

by Abner Bardoquillo 18/11/2005 @ 13:14

can i avail of the ver 6.0 as an upgrade?
my sister in canada bought your ver 5.1 for me and i would like to avail of the free upgrade. She tried the ver 5.2 upgrade before but did not proceed cause she might be charged again.

thank you

Reaction #30 

by aldweb 05/11/2005 @ 15:33

Hello Angus,

Just above of this text is a paragraph titled Updates Description which says Thanks to go to this page. Click on the this page link and you should get to read what you want

Another way is to go in the Projects box on the left, click once on VIII. iziBasic, then 2. iziBasic - Updates Description


Reaction #29 

by Angus 05/11/2005 @ 03:50

Hi! Nice version 6. But can we get a description of what new features / changes you added for this version? Thanks.

Reaction #28 

by Alexei 15/09/2005 @ 15:25

Thanks :) I'll keep looking.

Reaction #27 

by aldweb 09/09/2005 @ 20:09

Hello Alexei,

Thank you for the nice comment.

Answering you is easy (for once, I've got an easy answer!) and the answer is NO , sorry.


Reaction #26 

by Alexei 09/09/2005 @ 18:54

Hi aldweb! Beautiful work! A HUGE thank you to you!! My question is: I am looking for an onboard assembly compiler (I don't need a high-level language compiler - although I found such). Will iziBasic compile inline assembly code if I write it in my program? Thank you again!!

Reaction #25 

by aldweb 25/05/2005 @ 20:11

Hello Ivan,

First, for support please use the iziBasic dedicated forum next time as this place is more dedicated to user reactions, like "it's great" or "I don't like it".

Then, I designed a very short source code to check the RND() function that would provide the same results as those you are looking for:
FOR I=1 TO 5
FOR J=1 TO 8
PRINT ",";

I get plenty of real random series, this one for example:

So, the RND() function works (but this I did not doubt of it!). Maybe show your source code to understand where the problem is... but, remember, please on the iziBasic forum.


Reaction #24 

by Ivan L. Sanches 25/05/2005 @ 14:34

Extension of my earlier e-mail ,
I used RND(49)+1

Reaction #23 

by Ivan L. Sanches 25/05/2005 @ 14:29

Function RND() seems doesn't work well.
Using in loop to extracts 5 times 8 numbers, all of them are similars, like:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or
1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Reaction #22 

by aldweb 23/05/2005 @ 13:24

There are only 2 one-dimension arrays in iziBasic: A() and A$­­­(), no matrices.
These 2 arrays can address the whole numbers and strings memory areas.

Everything is explained in the documentation file, in the arrays dedicated chapter as well as in an appendix which explains the memory model of iziBasic.

Since matrices can easily be managed with a one-dimension array, there is no real huge limitation: A(x,y) is similar to A(x+xmax*y)


Reaction #21 

by abner 22/05/2005 @ 16:43

how are arrays/matrices declared? what's the maximum size/dimension?

many thanks

Reaction #20 

by aldweb 07/05/2005 @ 14:59

Hello Abner,

All about iziBasic's speed compared to other development tools and especially Palm Pascal can be found here on my website:

Therre is no way, by construction, that an iziBasic compiled software can run faster than a PP compiled software.
This is because iziBasic "encapsulates" most of the low level source code writing. The counterpart is of course a decrease of speed, which is not perceptible nor significative in most cases.

But, when you need a fast routine, you may write a so called "PP applet", either in 68k or ARM (wah, very fast then!). And, then you get the speed of PP for the given routine in iziBasic.


Reaction #19 

by Abner G. Bardoquillo 07/05/2005 @ 01:29

Just yesterday, my sis (in canada), bought for me izibasic 5.1. She tried to send it as a gift thru handango but it was sent to her instead. so, she sent it attached in e-mail.
I will be using this to develop software since it has gui and simple to program.
Just wondering if izibasic speed of compiled programs be at par with Pocket Pascal? Is there a way to speed it up?

thank you very much of your favorable support.

Reaction #18 

by aldweb 11/03/2005 @ 00:08


Go here on the iziBasic Yahoo! Group:

You will find abstracts of the iziBasic manual that can even be carried directly on your device.


Reaction #17 

by alfredo 10/03/2005 @ 17:31

This is a great piece of software. I'm still testing the trial version, and it is capable of many thing, even in trial mode.
The only thing I miss is a .txt (or compressed doc version) of the manual - or at least commands. As I'm always on the road, I don't have a computer close to me in order to open the manual, and it is quite a waste to print it all.

Reaction #16 

by apdi2003 10/01/2005 @ 22:00

Bonjour amis francophones,

Vous avez attendu un peu plus longtemps la version française du manuel utilisateur de iziBasic car non seulement les très nombreuses nouveautés de la version 4.0 étaient décrites en détail, mais aldweb en a profité pour décrire ou expliquer la totalité des instructions et fonctions de son formidable compilateur embarqué.

C'était un travail de romain et pour moi un travail de gaulois -mais sans potion magique. Je vous souhaite de bons développements.


Reaction #15 

by Alex 04/01/2005 @ 21:58

yay, 4.0 is out!

Reaction #14 

by boxsters 17/12/2004 @ 15:04


Est-il possible d'utiliser Izibasic en Hires c'est à dire 320x320 ou 320x480 ?

Merci d'avance ce soft à l'air super !

La réponse d'aldweb

Bonjour boxsters,

Il existe une fonction HIGHRES() dans iziBasic qui permet de basculer en mode High Resolution.

iziBasic ne gère pour l'instant que le mode 320x320 qui est standardisé dans les API Palm OS.

Le mode 320x480 n'est pas encore standardisé et, comme je ne veux pas gérer toutes les exceptions dans iziBasic (comme les jog dials, les boutons 5 way nav, les résolutions originales, etc...), il n'est donc pas implémenté.

Mais, ce mode 320x480 est tout à fait programmable très facilement, en quelques lignes de code, via une "applet PP" appelée par iziBasic (voir fonction CALLPP$­ d'iziBasic à laquelle tu feras jouer le même rôle que la fonction HIGHRES), applet qui pourra appeler les API High Res spécifiques au Tungsten T3 ou au Tungsten T5.

Reaction #13 

by Jluc 20/11/2004 @ 22:31

Soft vraiment pas mal ! Dans l'ensemble c'est fort !

Mais avez vous une idée de dispo :
Nom de variables à taille aléatoire ?
Tableau plus volumineux ?

Pourquoi t(0)=ticks ne ce compile pas ?
Pourquoi m$­­­=d$­­­+r$­­­+t$­­­ ça marche pas ?
Pourquoi c$­­­=chr$­­­(143) ça marche pas ?

Certaines fonctions sont cool !!

Réponse d'aldweb:
Bonjour Jluc,

Tout d'abord, je pense que ce genre de message correspond plus à un sujet de forum qu'à un commentaire d'article, mais ceci n'est qu'un petit détail.
Venons en au vrai sujet : tes 5 questions

Nom de variables à taille aléatoire ?
Ca n'est pas dans ma liste d'améliorations prioritaires pour l'instant

Tableau plus volumineux ?
Ce n'est pas non plus dans la roadmap court terme d'évolution d'iziBasic

Pourquoi t(0)=ticks ne ce compile pas ?
Tout simplement parce que t(0) n'est pas une variable tableau reconnue par iziBasic. iziBasic reconnait un unique tableau A() ( et aussi un tableau A$­() ) avec indice <=255, les 26 premiers indices étant aussi les emplacements mémoire de A-Z.
Exemple :
B=TICKS ' et, comme B=A(2), A(2) contient aussi le résultat

Pourquoi m$­­­=d$­­­+r$­­­+t$­­­ ça marche pas ?
Pour te répondre, essaye ceci :
D$­="si, si, "
R$­="ça "
T$­="marche !"

Pourquoi c$­­­=chr$­­­(143) ça marche pas ?
Si, ça marche aussi, ça imprime un joli petit coeur !
Essaye ceci :


Reaction #12 

by Apdi2003 18/11/2004 @ 00:02

Bonjour Aldweb

La traduction est terminée. Espérons qu'elle aidera à gommer les réticences de quelques amateurs de programmation Palm qui hésitent encore à utiliser ton formidable Basic embarqué.

Cordialement. Apdi2003

Réponse d'aldweb:
Un GRAND MERCI à toi Apdi2003 pour cette belle traduction que j'ai effectivement bien reçue. Je la mets en ligne dès que possible. Ca va faire des heureux parmi nos amis francophones allergiques à l'anglais


Reaction #11 

by apdi2003 11/11/2004 @ 21:45

Bonjour Aldweb

Bingo. Je te mets dans ta boite perso un premier jet de la traduction française du manuel de iziBasic v3.0 que tu trouveras peut être le temps de relire et d'amender. A toi de décider de la suite à donner.
Je confirme, à l'usage iziBasic est un outil très intéressant.

Reaction #10 

by aldweb 31/10/2004 @ 19:31

Bonjour apdi2003,

Tout d'abord, merci pour votre commentaire élogieux. Bien sûr, ça fait plaisir à lire de vous voir, vous et les personnes qui ont laissé les messages de réactions antérieurs, apprécier le résultat de mes longues nuits de travail pour développer iziBasic.

Voici les réponses à vos 2 questions :

1. de l'ordre de 80% des utilisateurs d'iziBasic sont non francophones. En plus, le travail de traduction est pour moi une véritable corvée.
Ces deux raisons cumulées m'ont fait choisir de ne produire la documentation qu'en anglais.
Mais, bien sûr, toutes les bonnes volontés sont les bienvenues pour m'aider à développer iziBasic. Donc, bingo, vous pouvez vous lancer dans de la documentation en français

2. Tout comme je n'aime pas traduire, j'ai le défaut de beaucoup de développeurs : je ne commente quasiment jamais mon code
A nouveau, je serais bien sûr ravi de recevoir les codes sources commentés, là où vous avez jugé nécessaire une phrase d'explication.

Les Preferences sont stockées dans 1 fichier spécifique à Palm OS appelé "Saved Preferences", un peu l'équivalent de la base de régistre de Windows.


Reaction #9 

by apdi2003 31/10/2004 @ 15:31

Je viens d'acheter la version complète de iziBasic après avoir manipulé la version "trial". Bravo pour cet outil très convivial et puissant. Deux questions :
- pourquoi est-on obligé de comprendre l'anglais pour aborder ce basic pour "newbee" ? Je serais prêt à donner un peu de mon temps pour délivrer une version française de ce manuel si je ne savais cette peine inutile car il doit y avoir quelque part dans les cartons d'Aldweb une version "Molière".
- les exemples livrés sont excellents et très instructifs mais les commentaires sont peu nombreux. En étudiant le programme iBAddress, je bute sur les 'Preferences. Où sont stockées ces précieuses données ?

Reaction #8 

by Guyam 28/10/2004 @ 08:11

Vraiment excellent! Je suis un "débutant" en programmation (mes derniers programmes remontent à mes années lycée quand je programmais ma vieille calculatrice Casio)... et franchement iziBasic est simple à comprendre et à utiliser! Je programme pour le fun, pour m'amuser avec mon Palm, et quel plaisir de coder/tester/débugger et surtout quelle fierté quand mon programme est fonctionnel!
Bravo pour ce petit bijou!

Reaction #7 

by Manuel de Pavia L. 07/10/2004 @ 14:46

les escribo desde Mexico
Perdon por escribir en español, pero de frances lo unico que se es "oui" y "merci"
Me parece muy interesante su software, lo voy a probar.
Una recomendacion: la traduccion al español
es demasiado mala, si no la pueden mejorar
seria mejor eliminarla.
M. de Pavia

Reaction #6 

by Donald 06/09/2004 @ 15:14

Comment procède-t-on si l'on a acheté la V1 ?

Bravo pour ce travail !!

Réponse d'aldweb
Donald, je t'ai envoyé un e-mail hier soir qui incluait la dernière version.
Car, TOUTES les mises à jour sont GRATUITES pour tous mes shareware Palm.

Reaction #5 

by HPnéo 20/08/2004 @ 13:46

Vraiment excellent enfin un outil onboard simple et fonctionnel.

C'est vrai que ce serais plus sympa en français wait & see
En tout cas bravo et bon courage pour la suite

Reaction #4 

by gmigueis 07/08/2004 @ 14:35

Oui, le documentacion n'est pas tres jolie - Anglais est bien par moi, mais je preferait de voir le format html pour le metter dans Plucker!
Sorry for the bad french - better to come!

Reaction #3 

by Filouzz 05/08/2004 @ 12:28

Super programme, mais pourquoi n'y a t'il pas de PDF (de doc donc) en français ???
Je sais que le marché anglophone est le plus grand mais quand même...
Je viens de faire de la pub sur le site de PDA Toolbox réalisant jusqu'a maintenant mes programmes avec ! Pas pour longtemps si ta version de IziBasic continue d'évolué (avec forum en Francais, etc...) Courage pour la suite et bravo

Reaction #2 

by SteC 04/08/2004 @ 16:32

J'ai voulu essayer mais ça plante mon Tungsten C
avec le message : "DataMgr.c, Line : 3718 Null dbH passed".
Bon courage pour le deboguage

Réponse d'aldweb
Merci à toi, SteC, de m'avoir signalé ce bug et un Grand Merci aussi de m'avoir aidé à le corriger !
Donc, ce bug de la version 1.0 est corrigé dans la version 2.0 d'iziBasic

Reaction #1 

by gmigueis 23/07/2004 @ 23:18

A Must-Have Gadget for your Palm! Congratulations to Aldweb and to the PP team (for this awesome French Palm OS programming world)!
Special !

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the aldweb Site

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