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article.gifIII. Palm Freeware - 7. LaFac


Copyright (C) 2004-2006 Laurent Duveau


  • Version : 1.2 (November 2006)
  • Freeware for :
  • Language :
  • Screen :
  • Downloadable File : (371 Kb)

LaFac stands for aldweb's LAnguage FACtory for Palm.
LaFac is a development tool which works directly from your Palm device.
LaFac comes with a p-code compiler for all 4 available development languages (one loop p-code compilers), a p-code runtime engine, a debugger, and a Stand-alone application builder.
LaFac currently comes with 4 inbuilt development languages:
1. Hellish & Esoteric Language for Palm = HELP (my invention)
2. micro BASic = µBAS
3. micro PAScal = µPAS
4. micro C = µC

Updates Description

v1.2 (11/17/06)
- FIX: if the last line of a source code was a comment without a final line feed, compilation would sometimes return a syntax error
- FIX: the number shown in the Runtime Option (Break every n instructions) would sometimes be filled with strange random characters instead of a number although the value hold by the application was OK
- ADD: High Resolution icons; this is a very kind contribution from Mike Featherstone (better late than never, Mike sent me these nice icons more than one year ago!); Thank you Mike
- ADD: various source code optimisations in the µBAS, µPAS and µC compilers
- ADD: explanations about the 2nd and 3rd parameters for MID$ (µBAS), SubString (µPAS) and SubStr (µC) functions in this help file (3rd parameter is endPosition and not NumberOfCharacters as it is more often the case for these languages)
- ADD: some information in this Help file to explain that LaFac was a proof of concept for a much more sophisticated compiler, iziBasic, which I developed afterwards
- Changed Donation URL (even though nobody ever donated for this freeware...)

v1.1 (07/22/04)
- FIX: if the user did not make a selection in popup list then a bad name string or an empty string was displayed in the popup instead of the previous selected item
- FIX: LaFac did not handle correctly instructions line > 63 characters in µBAS, µPAS and µC
- FIX: the data entry field could stay stuck in Numeric entry when asking for Text entry
- DEL: removed the CallCS / PeekCS / PokeCS / PeekNS / PokeNS / PeekTS / PokeTS functions which were of very little interest in LaFac
- ADD: LaFac can now work with the new Memos application introduced in PalmOS 5.2.8?, PMem/DATA creator/type (thanks Farcaller)
- ADD: Time format is now HH:mm:ss (was HH:mm)
- ADD: changed IntToString(popN) to RealToString(popN,number of decimals)
- ADD: various source code optimisations in the compilers

1.0 (06/05/04)
- initial release

Creation date : 05/06/2004 @ 23:20
Last update : 30/04/2007 @ 19:24
Category : III. Palm Freeware

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react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #5 

by Werner 24/07/2004 @ 14:38

Nice program! Works great on a Palm Emulator. But unfortunately crashs on a Sony Clie PEG-T625C, even with 160 * 160 resolution.

Neanmoins: Excellent!


Reaction #4 

by Palmipod 12/06/2004 @ 22:42

+ ??? alors ?

Reaction #3 

by gmigueis 07/06/2004 @ 17:03

Jolie! Beautiful! A jewel for algorithm creation and test.

Reaction #2 

by Palmipod 06/06/2004 @ 22:41

un must ! 4 langages dans un seul outil, du jamais vu sur un Palm !!!!

Reaction #1 

by Pierre 06/06/2004 @ 10:46

Un mot et un seul :
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Special !

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