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article.gifVI. Palm Knowledge - 6. PP Tutorials
In cooperation with PP Compiler, I have written three tutorials for the PP newbies programmers.

  1. PP for the real newbie (PDF file, 437 Kb)
    The objectives of this tutorial are to be able to install PP and a few additional needed software, write a program, run it and even trick it a little bit so as to feel much more confident than a basic newbie would do.
  2. PP for those who believe not to be a newbie anymore (PDF file, 355 Kb)
    The objective of this tutorial is to build a real stand-alone Palm OS program with the help of Lychee, a small framework to create graphic user interfaces (GUI) with PP.
  3. PP for those who realize they are still a newbie (PDF file, 256 Kb)
    The objective of this tutorial is to build a real stand-alone Palm OS program by ourselves, using RsrcEdit and PP, managing all parts of the behaviour of the program. This is the real Palm OS programmer's work, and the best way of understanding the underground of programming in the Palm OS environment.

These three tutorials focus on the same software development in PP (the Palm OS Pascal on board compiler), the traditional "Hello World" program but with a progressive complexity.

Creation date : 02/11/2003 @ 00:04
Last update : 30/04/2007 @ 15:55
Category : VI. Palm Knowledge

react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #3 

by aldweb 31/12/2004 @ 10:13

On peut aussi télécharger en "guest" sans s'enregistrer...


Reaction #2 

by Xoleras666 31/12/2004 @ 00:06

J'ai bien trouvé la zone de téléchargement du logiciel demandé, mais il n'est dispo qu'après inscription préalable.

Un site dans lequel une inscription est obligatoire pour télécharger des logiciels libres ne m'intéresse pas.

Reaction #1 

by aldweb 22/06/2004 @ 22:37

Les tutoriaux ci-dessus présentés proposent l'utilisation de l'utilitaire (gratuit) T'Catalog dont l'URL a changé.
Vous pouvez télécharger
T'Catalog ici.

The tutorials include an example of the use of the T'Catalog freeware, but its URL is no more valid.
You may still download T'Catalog here.

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