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I can read in your mind ! What, you do not believe me ? Then, go for it, just give it a try...

Creation date : 29/01/2003 @ 23:39
Last update : 14/07/2011 @ 16:54
Category : I. aldweb

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Reaction #6 

by Devos Nathalie 14/08/2005 @ 11:47

Super génial trés bon j'ai eu du mal et un peu peur de devenir folle (mais j'ai compris) félicitations.

Reaction #5 

by aldweb 11/10/2004 @ 20:24

Hello ahekim,

I could see that you ported 2 of our GuppY sample plugins scripts to E-xoops

So, these scripts are the Clock and this Mind guessing game

I must say that these scripts were themselves adapted from pure Javascripts embedded in some HTML page, sent to me by friends, unfortunately with no reference to whom developped them initially


Reaction #4 

by ahekim 11/10/2004 @ 13:44

I modified this cool script to E-xoops as a module. You can see it at

Reaction #3 

by fylan 17/09/2004 @ 13:03

Au début, j'ai eu peur que tu puisse manipuler le disque mou que j'ai dans la tête


Reaction #2 

by dafftsbxl 29/07/2004 @ 20:24

c'est simple.
soit X les unitées et Y les dizaines et Z le nombre en question prealablement choisi
c'est valable ssi
==>9Y = Z
les signes changent a chaque fois, et on est obliger de tomber sur un multiple de 9

Chapeau bas pour toutes vos réalisations

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