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article.gifI. aldweb - 2. My Hobbies

My Hobbies

Hopefully, there are other pleasures than PC in life !

My first Hobby is my family. In a world that wants to have us search for individualism as a model and that is losing all its traditional values, I consider that the family is a strong value, and that it brings us a tolerant, a respectful and an equilibrating environment. The basis of a family is the association of a man and a woman, not based on any kind of juridical contract as we can feel when going to the lawyer or to the town hall, but much more on the love between two people which must have trust and generosity as a starting point. With such a basis, it will be so much easier to integrate all members of the family, parents and children, and to have them have fulfillment in their activities. So the family will grow rich from the life which fills all of its components.

My second Hobby is definitely computer science. I have an Engineer Degree and professional experience in a leading company in the use of informational technology.

In order to maintain and always improve this level of knowledge, I have two activities :

  • On one side, I work in my company;
  • On the other side, I spend part of my leisure time in writing freeware programs, as well as searching new ways in informational technologies.
Therefore, I am very interested in getting in touch with people who have similar interests.

My third Hobby is motorbiking. It is a fast way of going from one place to another (maybe the only one) in the jam of the Parisian area, I am far away from the common vision of a "breaker biker", and from the "stupid motorbiker that wanted to have a big motorbike to drive as fast as possible". I practice it with the idea of a calculated risk, a nice fair play on the road (why only bikers are exchanging a move of the hand to say hello?) and the motivation of long rides to discover new landscapes.

My fourth Hobby is aquariophily. For me, there is nothing more relaxing than watching fish move in an aquarium.
In their silent world, far away from our noisy cities, my guppies, platies and black mollies have a full life time to take care of their lives. They swim around, eat, date and reproduce themselves in harmony and with happiness.

Thank you so much Teresa for having taken the time to improve the English of this page.
Teresa's great website can be found here:

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 14/07/2011 @ 16:53
Category : I. aldweb

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by tittui philippe lollier 21/10/2003 @ 11:03

bonjour votre texte ma touché je suis francais moi meme je suis au canada votre produit sur linstence de linstaller j ai window 98serveur internet5 j espere que c est suffisant je suis né langonnet ma tante
a un hotel et resto lasba j adore l ordi et ses fonction et surtout le pourquoi
vous qui qui en saver beaucoup vous voiyer l avenir ex dans 10 an comment moi j aime les camion le mariage louppé4 j en n ai ma dose j ai simplement une ami actuellement bon donner moi de vosnouvelle qui cest peut etre un ami salutation phil

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