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article.gifVII. Pocket Computer - 8. Thanks

Thank You

  • THANK YOU to Antoine who offered me a Sharp PC-1500.
  • THANK YOU to Sébastien who offered me a Sharp PC-E500.
  • THANK YOU to Simon who provided me with one Sharp PC-1360 equipped with an extra 2 KB memory chip directly soldered to the mother board of this Small PC.
  • THANK YOU to Jean who offered me a cassette interface for the TRS-80 Pocket Computer and also some very interesting books for this ancestor of all pocket computers.
  • I will end up this page with a HUGE THANK YOU to Jean-François who gave me a Sharp PC-1211.
Maybe you can also help me in setting up my little museum of Pocket Computers. IF YOU HAVE ONE SHARP POCKET COMPUTER 1360 (OR ANY OTHER POCKET COMPUTER OF THAT KIND) AND DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO OF IT, WHY DON'T YOU SEND ME AN E-MAIL so that we can talk of it and eventually organize the change of owner for it.

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 26/09/2007 @ 21:22
Category : VII. Pocket Computer

react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #2 

by Leonard Gore 01/09/2007 @ 19:33

Si vous n'avez pas trouver un Sharp PC-1211/1212 J'ai une example. Probablement votre anglais est mieux que mon francais!



Reaction #1 

by silicium 07/06/2005 @ 19:59

je suis a la recherche d'un SHARP PC1211 ou PC1212,atitre de collection.Alors,si vous etes en possesion d'une de ces vielles machines faites moi parvenir un mail.MerciD'avance.
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