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article.gifVII. Pocket Computer - 6. Links Pocket Computer
  • If you are interested in old Pocket Computers, there is a Web site that you must see : it is the Pocket Computer Museum web site.
  • Another great and fast growing museum for Pocket Computers is the one of my friend Daniel. So give a look to Daniel's Museum.
  • Of course, there is also the very nice site of my friend Simon, this site being mainly dedicated to the Sharp PC-1360.
  • Rémy works on the best project that I have ever seen : a Sharp Pocket Computer emulator called PockEmul. He started with the PC-1350 which is the little brother of the PC-1360.
  • Emmanuel has a great site about the Sharp PC-1500 with lots of good little games programmed in Basic and Machine Language.
  • Dai has programmed a fantastic emulator for the Sharp PC-1450. It runs under FreeBSD and now also under Linux.
  • Jerry, a German guy (be careful his site is written in German only), proposes some very nice electronic assemblings for Sharp PC ( What a pity! This link is broken...).
  • Yves has programmed a wonderful emulator for the Sharp PC-1450 (lucky PC-1450 to have two dedicated emulators!) that runs on the Windows platform. This emulator is so beautiful that I just can't resist to show you a screen of it :
  • The Destroyed Lolo friend offers a wide knowledge center for the Sharp PC-1401 and Sharp PC-1350.
  • The SharpCalc Pocket Computer Resources of Edgar Pühringer is also a wonderful resources center. His PETOOLS System Extension is especially a must have for PC-1403 owners.
  • If you feel like having an old Pocket Computer, the best thing to do is to go in a flea market, otherwise you can also browse on the eBay Web site.

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 26/09/2007 @ 21:23
Category : VII. Pocket Computer

react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #4 

by Marcus von Cube 10/02/2009 @ 10:51

Two pages you may probably want to link to:

The latter is Casio related, not Sharp.

Reaction #3 

by franck 28/04/2006 @ 19:24


j'ai aussi acheté cette ordinateur index de IICC ou je ne trouve aucune doc.

si tu as des informations peux-tu me les re-mailer

merci d'avance


Reaction #2 

by aldweb 25/05/2004 @ 22:22

C'est bien la toute première fois que j'entends parler d'une telle machine !

Tu devrais en parler à mon ami webmaster du Pocket Computer Museum ( S'il y en a un qui peut avoir entendu parler de cette rareté, c'est lui !

Reaction #1 

by 2T4T 19/05/2004 @ 23:49

J'avais acheté un Pocket PC pour faire une acquisition de données un jour ou j'avais révé trop fort . Il n'a jamais bien marché et je n'ai rien vu sur la toile à son propos :
Fabricant : IICC international
model : 110009111 (!?)
à l'allumage "copyright AIDOS 1989 by AID3 Groupe Ltd"
Ecran tactile liquide
memoire : 114688ko extensibles
2 slots IC (genre PCMCIA)
interface serie et parallele
language basic comme ma 1402
220*115*25.5 mm - 580gr

Déja vu ?
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Special !

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