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article.gifI. aldweb - 10. I am a happy webmaster

The aldweb Site renews its look & feel

The aldweb Site was created the 11th of February, 1999.
After 4 years being live on the Internet, this site is a real success story that I could not expect at all when I put my first 3 pages on the Internet back in the beginning of 1999:
  • more than 180 visitors each day and hundreds of direct downloads of my freeware and shareware programs
  • the watershed of 120000 visitors has been passed
Consequently, the aldweb Site had to change its look. So, this is the huge change that I made in this 2003 year start, with the move from a classical HTML site (managed with Ma Page Web) to a site managed by a home made web portal script that I called miniPortail.

Alain, the webmaster of ar-graph, helped me a lot in this project by giving me the desire of moving to a modern web site and I really want to say "thank you Alain" right here. Nicolas, the webmaster of Mac's site, helped me a lot in launching myself to work with the new web technics (PHP, JavaScript) and I friendly thank him for that.

I am a happy webmaster

See here under a "blog" (which stands for "web log") that could be read on the 1st of October on the Collision Detection web site whose webmaster is the very sympathical Clive :

Creation date : 22/04/2003 @ 23:59
Last update : 14/07/2011 @ 16:54
Category : I. aldweb

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react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #3 

by Jessie 04/04/2005 @ 18:19

arfff 500.000 visites en 6 mois...

le type n est deja pas venu ici pou te casser....
ah ce ke j aime pas ca...
arrete de te la peter toi et va t occuper de ton site au 500.000 visiteurs...
fait pas chier ici!!!

dsl pour mes mots... je me suis emportée mais bon fallait ke ca sorte!!! je pouvais pas lire ca sans fermée ma gueule...

Felicitations moi je te dis!!!

Reaction #2 

by 02/06/2004 @ 09:22

It's really crumbsy

Reaction #1 

by ced 01/04/2004 @ 16:26

moi en 6 mois j'ai fait 500.000 visites
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