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article.gifII. PC Freeware - 5. Mémo Friends

My Freeware - Mémo Friends

Copyright (C) 1998-2003 Laurent Duveau

Mémo Friends

  • Version : 3.0 (April 2000)
  • Freeware for : Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP
  • Languages :
  • Downloadable File : memofr30.exe (619 Kb)
  • Installation program : Yes, you just need to run memofr30.exe
  • Uninstallation program : Yes, fully automatic
Mémo Friends is a program to save your relatives' data, like their addresses or phone numbers... and also the important dates for them (birthday, Saint's day...).
You can then automatically be advised at your PC's startup what are the dates to wish soon to your friends. So, this is really a good "memory" tool to manage with your friends' data... and you should have no more excuse for forgetting and not wishing them a happy birthday !

Some Mémo Friends recommandations

Typical window of Mémo Friends

New features brought by version 3.0 of Mémo Friends

  • Changed of compiler version (now Delphi 3). This change justifies a major release number.
  • Also changed version of help file compiler. Now, I am working with Help Workshop 32 bits (for Windows 9x/NT). I was previously still working with Help Compiler 16 bits (for Windows 3.1).
  • Fully modified the help file in order to have it clearer and simplier to use.
  • Added a new Export data folder that is the meaning of a better compatibility of Mémo Friends to external software : launch of program (text editor or Internet browser) and showing of exported data in the corresponding format (text or HTML), printing of all cards on the printer.
  • Printing of Friends' data directly in Mémo Friends without having to go through an external software (text editor or Internet browser).
  • The initial directory in files dialog boxes is now the Mémo Friends directory when first opening one of these dialog boxes.
  • Corrected two bugs : display of the wrong friends' card in some cases when selecting a name and erasing of dates' fields.
  • Improved the management of the creation of a new friend's card.
  • Added a "State" field, as asked by American users.
  • Warning popup window when trying to create a friend in duplicate (card with same name already exists).
  • Added two new display features : Dates to celebrate highlighted with red color if there is at least one date to celebrate today, and optional display of age (in years) or of countdown (in days) of the dates to celebrate.
  • Added a registration form for those of my nice users that will accept to have me know them (that's their gift to me !).

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 30/04/2007 @ 15:36
Category : II. PC Freeware

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react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #6 

by aldweb 05/02/2005 @ 11:58

Concernant l'enregistrement (gratuit et facultatif), mon adresse e-mail a définitivement changé... et je n'ai pas pris le temps de la mettre à jour dans le logiciel Mémo Friends.
La nouvelle se trouve dans la boîte Webmaster, dans les boîtes latérales à gauche de ce site.
Il suffit donc de remplacer celle dans l'e-mail d'enregistrement généré par Mémo Friends par celle ci.


Reaction #5 

by Api 125 08/09/2004 @ 14:16

de même, impossible de m'enregistrer avec les coordonnées joints pour obtenir la clé.
Une petite alarme jointe pour prévenir les anniversaire ou autres événenements rendrait le logiciel plus attrayant.

Reaction #4 

by JMB-974 26/05/2004 @ 17:05

Très bon programme, je l'utilise tous les jours. Malheureusement imposible de m'enregistrer, même avec la clé.

Reaction #3 

by aldweb 13/03/2004 @ 19:17

Joseph, effectivement l'adresse e-mail indiquée dans Mémo Friends est mon ancienne adresse e-mail qui a été sauvagement désactivée par ex-Multimania devenu Lycos je crois bien.

Mais vous pouvez fort bien faire suivre le message à ma nouvelle adresse


Reaction #2 

by Joseph 01/03/2004 @ 17:17

J'ai téléchargé MemoFriends que je trouve très intéressant.
J'ai essayé d'enregistrer le produit, mais le mesage est revenu : impossible de le transmettre.
Auriez-vous la bonne obligeance de m'envoyer ma clé d'enregistrement à mon adresse e-mail? Grand merci et félicitations pour votre travail.
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