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article.gifII. PC Freeware - 3. Ma Page Web

My Freeware - Ma Page Web

Copyright (C) 1998-2003 Laurent Duveau

Ma Page Web

  • Version : 2.1 (April 2001)
  • Freeware for : Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
  • Languages :
  • Downloadable File : mpweb21.exe (598 Kb)
  • Installation program : Yes, you just need to run mpweb21.exe
  • Uninstallation program : Yes, fully automatic
Ma Page Web is a program designed to create nice Web pages (also called "Home Pages" in Internet's slang) that can be read by Internet browsers, like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer just to give the name of the two most famous Web browsers.
Ma Page Web assists you in creating your pages, by having you fill-in a "skeletton" of a page made of a head of page, from one to four paragraphs and one bottom of page. Ma Page Web also takes care of putting the right HTML tags. Well, in a structured fill-in form, you choose your pictures, their size and where to put them, you input your text, define your links to other pages or Web sites and Ma Page Web takes care of everything else, the result being a nice Web page.
Ma Page Web is THE number 1 tool to create instantaneous Web pages. Just know that this page (as well as all other pages on my Web site) have been made with Ma Page Web in a few minuts.

Ma Page Web recommandations

Ma Page Web Support

My friend Nicolas who has created all his Web site with Ma Page Web (good!) has joined me in the Ma Page Web project by taking in charge the Ma Page Web's users support web pages. So, if you have any question about Ma Page Web and its use, you should first read his so well written and clear web pages ( only in French at the moment) at his Mac's site, before sending me an e-mail.

Many teachers now use Ma Page Web with their students.
  • The site Instits on the Web, made by François Racé explains among other topics how to use Ma Page Web with pedagogical means and gives good advices of how to manage images.
  • Bruno Dekeyser wrote a guideline (PDF file) for students that he bery gently accepted to share. For those of you who can read French, it can be downloaded here: Je crée mon site personnel à l'aide du logiciel Ma Page Web (61 Kb).
  • Last but not least, I invite you to visit some of the web sites that were made with Ma Page Web as referenced in my Ma Page Web sites page.

Typical window of Ma Page Web

New features brought by version 2.1 of Ma Page Web

  • The very first version of Ma Page Web was put on the Internet in September 1998. Ma Page Web had acquired almost 3 years of experience when version 2.1 was created.
  • Version 2.0 released in February 2000 was a major version evolution, due to a change of compiling tool for the source code but also mainly due to the arrival of new functionalities (assistants, real help file).
  • The version 2.1 of April 2001 is a version that gets full benefit of the experience of over one year gained from the use of version 2.0 by hundreds of users. It is a minor release that corrects a few remaining bugs and that stabilizes the new functionalities arrived with version 2.0 (added 3 new assistants, renamed default page to index.html, .mpw file type association with Ma Page Web...).
  • Please note that version 2.1 has got a real benefit from the help brought to me by Nicolas who takes care of the User Support of Ma Page Web.

Creation date : 01/01/2003 @ 00:00
Last update : 30/04/2007 @ 15:35
Category : II. PC Freeware

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react.gifReactions to this article

Reaction #8 

by aldweb 15/02/2004 @ 21:09

Ma Page Web ne s'occupe pas de la gestion des frames, souvent très faciles à mettre en oeuvre via un seul fichier index.html dont la structure est complètement standard.

Les pages créées avec Ma Page Web peuvent ensuite s'insérer au choix dans les différents cadres du frame.


Reaction #7 

by Vahal 11/02/2004 @ 21:54

Bonsoir et merci pour la réponse

Je comprends le concept mais comment résoudre mon problème alors

Je dois rafraîchir un site tout en le simplifiant au maximum car c'est un réel débutant qui devra dans le future y faire les mises à jour ... Le site actuel comprend des frames et le souhait du propriétaire est de les garder.( un détail qui a son importance car j'ai trouvé quelques graticiels fort intéressants mais aucun n'offraient cette option)

Reaction #6 

by aldweb 08/02/2004 @ 22:58


Ma Page Web n'a pas vraiment été conçu dans ce sens, plutôt dans l'objectif d'être l'outil du débutant, donc de se faire ensuite récupérer par des outils plus sophistiqués !


Reaction #5 

by Vahal 07/02/2004 @ 20:28


je me demandais si un site existant pouvait etre récuperer par "ma Page web" ?

Reaction #4 

by aldweb 20/01/2004 @ 22:55


Ce que tu demandes n'est à mon avis pas du ressort de Ma Page Web... en effet, Ma Page Web répond à un besoin : aider ceux qui débutent et se lancent, avec crainte, dans la création de leurs premières pages web.

La réussite de Ma Page Web c'est quand son utilisateur s'enhardit à prendre un outil plus complet, et aussi forcément plus complexe.

Je crois bien que tu en es là
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