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forum.gifForum - Topic #2

Forum - Forum

active  Topic # 2  Hello from Jeff

27/06/2002 @ 22:51
by pocket



Just a word to be the first one (just after the webmaster) to write in the forum

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Answer n 1
28/06/2002 @ 17:08
by Pierre


Long life to this new forum !
A first question to launch it :
What do yo do with your pocket collection ?
Did you use them, display them, keep them in a dark case against all exterior agressions, etc... ?
Personnaly, I understand the collector anguish : "if I use it, I will wear it !"
But I think that computer are made to calculate (or may I say calculator are made to compute ???), so as my collection is still small, I try to use my pocket computer one after the other, for my job or for personnal use, or asign them to a specific task. For example the heavy PC-E500 is always on my desk, the light PC-1262 is in my suitcase, the PC-1403 is on duty for complicated mathematic calculations, etc...
So lets tell me what do you do with yours !
Sharp regards
Pierre Brial
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Answer n 2
28/06/2002 @ 23:46
by aldweb


I am very honored that Mr Pocket himself (yes everybody knows him, he's got the most impressive Pocket Computer Museum worldwide) was the first one to post a message on my new forum :-)

Merci Jeff :-)
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Answer n 3
28/06/2002 @ 23:59
by aldweb


Now, the brilliant Pierre asks for what the people do with their Pocket Computers.
That's a great question indeed.
As everybody knows, I am mostly specialized in the PC-1211 and the PC-1360, so here is how I manage & use my Pocket Computers:
- my TRS-80 PC1 (the PC-1211 clone) is proudly put on my desk at home, so that all new incomers & visitors have to be polite when I show them this wonder and demonstrate them what an invention it has been more than 20 years ago :-)
- the PC-1360 is always with me, next to my Palm device. The Palm is used for Address, Memos, Games, etc... and the PC-1360 for calculation and quick programming (things that new handheld devices are very poor at). I have had my PC-1360 with me for over 12 years. It has been biking, in planes, in trains, in cars, in my pocket, in the subway... and now it is even suffering a 50 daily Km trip in motorbike
since 3 years. AND IT'S STILL ALIVE, just as robust as the first day (still, I bought a spare, in case of... we never know and I couldn't live without one!).
- I keep the other types of Pocket Computers at home, currently in a cupboard because I have very little room at home... too bad!

And what about you that will come here and read?
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Answer n 4
28/08/2002 @ 17:45
by Sébastien


Here is my current pocket computer list:
- Casio FX-850P;
- Tandy PC-6 (a clone of the Casio FX-790P);
- 1 Sharp PC-1360;
- 1 Sharp PC-1403H;
- 1 Sharp PC-E500;
- 2 Sharp PC-E500S (!).
As you may guess,I'm mostly an "E500" programmer. I mainly use my PC-E500/S to play with some little programming environments I write myself.
I hope the first release of my ANS Forth environment (supplying BASIC) will be available very soon on http://www.aldweb.com! Unfortunately, I'm very busy these days...
A working version already exists, including most of the full ANS word set. It also features:
- A line editor;
- A complete file handling word set (allowing operations one cannot perform using BASIC, like random access);
- Some usefull primitives (POWER-OFF, a powerful BEEP, ...);
- ...
More information to appear soon...
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Answer n 5
31/08/2002 @ 17:58
by aldweb



Your post in this forum is of HIGH INTEREST as you give the NEWS to the whole world that an ANS FORTH will be soon available for the PC-E500!!!

I know that this HUGE PROJECT took you a long time, even though you are one of those very few people smart enough to be able to develop such a programming language!

See you,
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Answer n 6
15/12/2002 @ 00:33
by Mike


I think these pocket computers are quite sturdy. Mine shows plenty of dents in the back of the case, lacks a screw and had green stuff all over the battery contacts. Hadn't been used in ages. But as soon as I put new batteries in, the bugger sprang to life :)
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Answer n 7
17/12/2002 @ 23:06
by aldweb


Good news that your device survived all this time :-) But these devices were (oups, STILL ARE) very robuts material :-)

Did you take the time to remove the green (electrical oxydation I presume) stuff from the battery contact ? You'd better do it for better battery consumption.
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