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news.gifNews Amis - Lost In Mobile [en]

Lost In Mobile

Driving DreamsShaun McGillThu, 31 Jul 2014 12:47:44 +0000

I am actually tempted to back this project.

Driving Dreams  Voir?

I am actually tempted to back this project.

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(31/07/2014 @ 14:47)
Pay...  Voir?

But with people increasingly delving into digital and yet becoming less likely to pay, those making content may soon be devoid of income from it. You might argue that no-one owes anyone a living, least of all people faffing about all day writing or making music, and that

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(31/07/2014 @ 11:53)
(30/07/2014 @ 04:00)
UNITI Stand  Voir?

We wanted to change the way we work. We started by looking at the most immediate environment around our workspace: the desktop. A cluttered desktop decreases productivity and efficiency, but an organized workspace makes work more enjoyable and more productive. That's why we created UNITI.
We designed UNITI to be a comprehensive and revolutionary workspace solution. It keeps everything clutter-free and in place while providing easy access to all the devices that keep you going... More at Kickstarter.

This is not cheap, but I like that it supports multiple mobile devices and the overall design suits the iMac very well.

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(30/07/2014 @ 03:30)
History of the Compact Cassette  Voir?

The Compact Cassette is a plastic case containing a spool of 3.81 mm magnetic tape spooled between two reels. The tape is run at a rate of 4.76 cm/second. A tape head in the tape player or deck, in contact with an exposed portion of the tape, interprets an analog signal from the tape's magnetic surface... More at Vintage Cassettes.

If you remember using cassettes, you will love this article.

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(30/07/2014 @ 03:00)
Yosemite  Voir?


I use my iMac for every task that is important to my work. Multiple apps are used to help me complete freelance work, some old and some new, and so it would make no sense to install the beta of Yosemite.  

Bean is my word processor of choice (old and free and simply brilliant), Seashore is my graphics app (old and free and brilliant), ImageWell is used to annotate images, Sparrow for email despite the lack of updates, Notefile for notes, TaskPaper for managing complex projects, Opera for the web and that's about it as far as essential apps go form me. Of course I use many more, but there are some apps that I really would not like to be without and so trying the Yosemite beta made no sense.

But I am a child and was captivated by the flatness, the new design and just because it was there. So I downloaded and installed the Yosemite beta after backing up vital files to an external disk and knowing that Backblaze had the rest held securely. 20 minutes later Yosemite was ready to run on my mid-2011 iMac and it worked perfectly.

Every single app I rely on works just as before and the new design really is quite impressive apart from the silly blue colour used for folders in Finder. Even without explore much at all so far I find myself working exactly as I did before and there is little here to make me feel it is beta software. It was silly to do what I did, but the end result has been surprisingly positive, so far, and I am glad that I made the jump.

Compare this to my recent Windows experience in trying to update a .1 release and it only drives me deeper in to the Mac way of working. Guess what? IT JUST WORKS.

Apart from Safari which is still terrible in every way for me.

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(29/07/2014 @ 04:00)
iPhones slowed down deliberately?  Voir?

Still, if attention on new devices is what makes old ones feel slow, why are the spikes on Apple product release dates, and not when the company announces the new products? In 2008, for example, the iPhone3G was announced a full month before its release. There was a spike at the release, but not at the announcement.
This data has an even more benign explanation. Every major iPhone release coincides with a major new operating system release. Though Apple would not comment on the matter, one could speculate

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(29/07/2014 @ 03:30)
Anatomy of songs  Voir?

Classic rock is dead on. Tweeted by Matt Navarra.

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(29/07/2014 @ 03:00)
LG G3: conclusion  Voir?


After a week of writing as little as possible about the LG G3 as I could get away with, I am prepared to offer some conclusions. The fact that I could not bring myself to write a full review is down to a few reasons- it's currently too hot to write, I wasn't interested enough in it to really look in detail and I am busy with other stuff so it all came together to produce a lacklustre effort on my part. Apologies for that.

Anyway, my lasting impressions of the LG G3 is that it is technically the best Android phone I have used to date. The screen is fabulous when used with high definition video, it is very well designed and the OS skin is sublime. The battery is awesome, but the performance is choppy at times and some apps are still incompatible. I expect those two problems to be fixed soon, at least that is what I have been told, and then we are left with a quite brilliant device.

I only suffered the overheating problem once, on a very hot day, and hope that this will also be resolved because it is a potential huge oversight by LG.

So here I am with my iPhone 5S, the best smartphone I have ever used, and the Moto G, my personal favourite Android phone, and that is the way it is staying. As it stands, I can see nothing in Android or future devices that is going to tempt me to switch and I only bought the G3 for a freelance project. If the G3 cannot tempt me in any strong way, I can't see how another Android phone will in the future.

If you are an Android user, the G3 is a superb solution and one that feels ahead of its time. With luck the current faults are temporary and you will then be left with a phenomenal phone that does everything you want and more.

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(28/07/2014 @ 04:00)
Bose sues beats  Voir?

Headphone maker Bose has launched a patent-infringement lawsuit against rival Beats Electronics, which Apple recently agreed to acquire in a $3 billion dollar deal. In its complaint, Bose alleges that the
(28/07/2014 @ 03:00)
The secret of Minecraft  Voir?

I am obsessed with this game and what it has achieved. If you are a writer, a cartoonist, a filmmaker, a designer

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(28/07/2014 @ 03:00)
A Casio / Apple watch  Voir?

I think the video is self-explanatory.

(26/07/2014 @ 03:30)
It all fits in your hand!  Voir?

AM-FM stereo, microcassette recorder/player, calculator, clock with wake-up alarm, & it all fits in your hand! 1983. Tweeted by ClassicPics.

I didn't even know this existed.

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(26/07/2014 @ 03:00)
Do Macs need virus protection?  Voir?

Hi Shaun
Ever since I've had my Macbook Pro, and more latterly, my iMac earlier this year, I haven't had an antivirus solution installed. I recently read an article (can't remember where), that basically said that although threats on a Mac platform are significantly less than Windows, they are there, and anyone running a Mac would be foolish not to run an AV solution (in the same way they'd be foolish not to have a backup plan in place).
Since then, I've installed AVG for Mac -  a free and not particularly feature rich (to put it mildly) soultion. I ran AVG on my Windows PC for years as my AV solution of choice. I did an initial scan and it found nothing. Nothing found since I installed it either about 2 weeks ago, but I have noticed a reduction in performance, so I'm thinking of ditching it.
I'd be interested to know if any other LIM readers using Mac OS use an antivirus solution, or work on the (perhaps misleading) view, that Macs just don't get viruses or malware?

I have never used virus protection on my iMac or previous Mac mini and a recent scan showed no threats at all. Maybe I am being foolish, but I am one of those who is quite loose when it comes to Macs and safety.

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(25/07/2014 @ 04:05)
LG G3: speed and OS changes  Voir?


I have to give credit to LG for adding subtle changes to the LG G3 that make it more usable and efficient than most others.

This phone is different to the others. The hardware and software changes are considered, genuinely useful and actually make sense. LG avoids gimmicky at every turn and I have to say that it does not always feel as though it is running Android. The flatness of the icons and the subtle themes are consistent throughout and the extra apps are not too high in number. Seeing a McAfee icon, however, is not a pleasing experience, but it can be hidden and you can just pretend it is not there.

The styling of the hardware is clever indeed- such a big phone should not feel so slim in the hand, but this one really does and it is a joy to hold. The fact that it is quite slippery is a problem, but overall LG has made the hardware as small as possible when the screen and battery are considered.


The screenshot above sums up the LG approach- no overblown graphics and a concentration on information above all else. From the flat icons to the simple home screen, it offers as much as any other Android device, but without the complexity and crap that can dominate from time to time.


On the whole performance is very impressive, but in some apps I suffered some bizarre problems. The official Twitter app is just terribly laggy and jerks badly when scrolling. When switching apps, I noticed some freezing, but only for a second or two. I suspect that the sheer number of pixels being pushed is the problem and hope that software can fix it. Otherwise, it is a very quick and pleasing device to use. There are nods to iOS throughout which is never a bad thing.

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(25/07/2014 @ 04:00)
Dyson: design means nothing  Voir?

The heat finally got to my wife yesterday and she went out and bought a Dyson Hot+Cool fan for £359. We had been discussing one for some time because we are having the garage converted and so it could be useful in the winter while providing some much needed relief in the summer.

The good

It is a beautiful design
It has a remote control
There is a clever centre of gravity mechanism to tilt it
You can control the temperature very precisely
It is power efficient

The bad

It offers a much less powerful stream of cold air than my £20 desk fan even at the top level
Setting it to any level above 5 (out of 10) causes it to be as noisy as a toilet hand dryer

It would seem that the heating function works, but everything else is pretty dreadful and many customer reviews seem to back this up, reviews we should have read beforehand.

Fortunately Currys were very accommodating and offered an immediate refund, but had to mark it as faulty to process it. I asked if our experience was uncommon and the sales assistant just gave me a knowing look.

So, for all of the sublime design touches and the good name, this is a Dyson product I really could never recommend. Truly awful.

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(25/07/2014 @ 03:50)
Kirk likes stickers  Voir?

I asked this week if you decorated your tech and it seems that the vast majority do not. Kirk, however, sent me the above photo. He most certainly does.

My current work machine.  Technically I'm cheating because they're actually on a transparent protective top shell....

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(25/07/2014 @ 03:30)
(25/07/2014 @ 03:00)
LG G3: the size!  Voir?


I love the size of the G3 screen. So many apps feel completely different such as Flipboard and Flickr. It is an absolute joy to look at and use.


With a large screen, however, comes a large footprint and the fact is that it is cumbersome to carry in daily use. This has nothing to do with being familiar with the iPhone, but being aware that a phone that is with me the majority of the time needs to fit me, my pocket and my life. Phones like the G3 don't do that and neither does a device the size of the Galaxy S4. The Moto G does work, however, for me and suggests that the rumoured 4.7" iPhone 6 is about as big as I can go.

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(24/07/2014 @ 04:00)
(24/07/2014 @ 03:55)

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