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Lost In Mobile

There is big and then there is the Nexus 6Shaun McGillThu, 23 Oct 2014 01:40:00 +0000 Image tweeted by Sergejs.

Image tweeted by Sergejs.

Phew! That is huge.

(23/10/2014 @ 03:40)
Jonathan Mann  View ?

The interview above and this article offer some background to why Jonathan Mann has been making a song a day for so long. Such a clever man.

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(23/10/2014 @ 03:30)
A fad I tell you!  View ?

Apple's at odds with itself, though. On one end, it's trying to push people up to the iPad Air 2, and on the other, it's trying to compete with low cost Android tablets. This plan leaves nerdy consumers in the middle; people who would happily have upgraded to a new iPad mini now won't, making the update cycle problem worse.
While the iPad Air 2 looks like a great upgrade from the iPad 3 or 4, upgrading is not tempting, speaking as iPad Air owner. With TouchID being the only feature separating the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3, I don't see why any iPad mini 2 owners would upgrade this year, either... More at 512 Pixels.

I still maintain that tablets will not be commonplace within 5 years, but nobody agrees. Just maybe the recent trend is starting to back this up.

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(23/10/2014 @ 03:20)
I've fallen, and I can't get up!  View ?

Crowd dynamics test using Miarmy for Maya. Shows the new servo force feature which allows struggling animation once the agent has become dynamic.

None of the above means anything to me either so you may as well just watch the video below. Amazing.

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(23/10/2014 @ 03:00)
All of your music for $5 / month  View ?

If the jungle drums are to believed, Apple is about to go bargain basement with its Beats streaming service and drop the price (in the US at least) to $5 a month - undercutting every other music service out there.
It's so unlike Apple to compete on price that it's worth reviewing what potential benefits Apple could realise from such a land grab... More at Random Dumber Generator.

There is something about the current £9.99 / month music offerings that feels too expensive to me. I would pay that for Netflix, but not for music. However, £5 / month and I am all in.

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(22/10/2014 @ 19:45)
iOS sharing to one email address?  View ?

I have a question which is not exactly important and which I believe is not currently possible. I often send web links to my email address to catch up on later, usually links that I will use on Lost In Mobile, but would like to avoid having to input my email address every single time. I do use a shortcut which helps a little, but it would be nice to find a sharing mechanism that allows me to simply click an icon in the sharing feature and have it send automatically.

I have tried Pinboard and various other services, but it is only in email that I am alerted to what I have sent to myself. I always forget about the other services I use. So, it what I want possible?

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(22/10/2014 @ 04:00)
Not holding my breath for Apple Pay  View ?

Apple Pay has of course been launched in the US and this makes sense given the crazy payment situation over there. I remember well swiping my credit card this time last year and the bewilderment at not having to type in a PIN number. Nothing at all, just swipe the card and walk off. Anyone's card, it doesn't matter. So, a US launch makes sense.

My reason for doubting a quick European release is not because of payment methods, however, but because of iTunes Radio. It has been more than a year since the original launch and still nothing in so many countries? It could be down to licensing, but it can enhance the sense that Apple is truly an American company to outsiders.

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(22/10/2014 @ 03:50)
Choose your hardware wisely  View ?

If you are thinking of buying an Apple computer, choose your hardware wisely. You won
(22/10/2014 @ 03:45)
The Dark Side of App Stores  View ?

Again and again, Apple rejects apps not on the basis of malicious activity, but on the basis of pure capital gain.
We are willingly giving Apple and Google full control over our digital lives
The app stores are fun, endless, constantly updating and truly quite amazing. I love discovering new apps every Thursday when the Featured list is updated. The best part about it is the ease with which the app store works in enabling users to discover, purchase and install new apps. Just place your thumb on the screen and it

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(22/10/2014 @ 03:00)
Jean-Claude Biver and the smart watch  View ?

LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SAMC.FR +1.17% said on Friday it is considering teaming with a technology company to launch a smartwatch launch for one of its brands.  
(22/10/2014 @ 03:00)
Don't tell me a Mac is expensive  View ?

I own a mid-2011 21" iMac and have done so since November 2011. In that time I have used it almost every day, some days for many hours at a time, and I have restarted it twice outside of OS updates. It is always on and it is always working.

There was a blip with RAM usage which turned out to be the quite awful LogMeIn software which was close to impossible to remove, but now it is gone I am back to using my Mac without any problems every day. That surely is a problem for Apple.

Or is it?

I paid £1,000 for my iMac and could reasonably expect to be using it in 2017 which gives me roughly 6 years of use. That is £166 per year. To be fair I have added 8GB of RAM, a Microsoft mouse and the Apple extended keyboard, but asides from those, that is it.

A friend of mine recently stopped using his MacBook because it had become too slow even for his children to use to browse the internet. He has been more than impressed with the longevity and decided to buy a new MacBook which he intends to get as much use out of.

Oh sorry, my mistake, it was an 'iBook' that he has just replaced. It was used every day for 8 years and despite him not being a power user, that kind of longevity is wonderful. The only purchase during that time was a new battery half way through, and that was it.

My daughter uses an iPhone 3GS every day and it is working fine, my wife's iPhone 4 is working well and she uses it a lot. I am also sure that if I wasn't so obsessed with having the latest iPhone, my 6 would last for a good few years as well.

My point is that there is a lot of criticism levelled at Apple for the cost of new products, but for 95% of people these products represent long term investments which they can use for many years. When I compare the iMac to my recent Windows laptop experience, where HP takes little income on the product and has to fill it with crapware to make a measly profit, the difference is stark. That laptop will likely be unusable in 2 years time and the iMac will almost certainly continue to run as it does today.

This longevity means that I will replace my iMac with a new iMac one day and I will replace my iPhone with a new iPhone, and so on. In the long run I am saving money, doing productive things and Apple is also reaping the rewards. Apple isn't perfect, no company is, but my word the products are built incredibly well.

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(21/10/2014 @ 04:00)
Is a Kindle a tablet?  View ?

So the above is how myself and Neil wasted a few minutes on a silly argument last night. I am counting on you guys to back me up here. Is a Kindle a tablet? I say no!

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(21/10/2014 @ 03:55)
The new iTunes: first impressions  View ?

Initial gripes - Home videos are now separate, but also have a different layout that lags excessively when browsing it.  Home video
(21/10/2014 @ 03:40)
Kindle Voyage review  View ?

On the whole, Amazon accomplished its goal: it built a better platypus. This is the best E Ink e-reader I
(21/10/2014 @ 03:20)
Gmail 5.0  View ?

Among other things, the new Gmail will be able to handle email accounts from other providers like Yahoo or Outlook, switching between them with either a simple swipe or by touching the account drop down... More at Android Police.

An impressive move from Google. The more flexibility the better.

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(21/10/2014 @ 03:15)
A 98 year old and the internet  View ?

The internet, so often hailed as a place for the young and endlessly distracted, actually turns out to be a pretty good place for older people. For one, there
(21/10/2014 @ 03:10)
(20/10/2014 @ 04:00)
(20/10/2014 @ 03:30)
(20/10/2014 @ 03:05)
John's OS X 10.10 Yosemite review  View ?

When the book is finally closed on the product line known as OS X, last year
(20/10/2014 @ 03:00)

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