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Note n°85 par Philip J. Sardo le 29/04/2002 @ 23:16
Thanks !!!!!!

Note n°84 par Don Beatrice le 29/04/2002 @ 21:54
Thank you for the free program.

Note n°83 par Bob Bigelow le 29/04/2002 @ 19:34
Thanks for a very informative web site. I hope to use some of the ideas you have presented. I will pass on to my friends your web page. Thanks again. mrbigs mrbigs

Note n°82 par sandra feth le 29/04/2002 @ 18:11
Just a beginner at 57. Thanks for the help.
I enjoyed the visit. Your page has a clean, sharp look.

Note n°81 par Leslie Lentz le 29/04/2002 @ 17:51
I am new to the web and I think your program is going to help me make a home page .


Note n°80 par Vicki le 29/04/2002 @ 17:09
This is a beautiful web design. At the present time I am in college for computer information systems and I am always in search of new and interesting sites. Web page design is one of my hobbies. Thank you for the free download.

Note n°79 par anita jones le 29/04/2002 @ 16:41
great site thanks for the freebies! palmer,ak.anita jones

Note n°78 par Erle le 29/04/2002 @ 16:33
You have a very nice website though I'm not a big frames fan. I like the animated logo. I take it as a sailboat in the desert. Neat Idea!
Thanks for the enjoyable visit.

Note n°77 par Melvin Weekley le 29/04/2002 @ 15:07
I've been trying to find a good tool for enhancing my webpage without a lot of expense. I will try yours and let you know how I fare with it.

Note n°76 par Chris Cichocki le 29/04/2002 @ 14:09
Hi.. Just dropped by to say hello.. Shame I couldnt find any links or bits for my Ericsson Handheld.. It is POcket PC After All.. I will have a play with your Ma Page Proggy though..

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